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Even in Tolkien fandom, there were inconsistencies about "just exactly
what are Orcs?" and even Tolkien himself demonstrated that his ideas were in flux; he was always revising that concept.  Nonetheless fans were able to use the functional answer that "they're probably corrupted Elves, that's the idea Tolkien was using at the point the book was written"

*Every* major fictional series has some inconsistencies, or concepts that the writer(s) themselves changed along the way, but that doesn't mean they're all up to COMPLETE interpretation.

Saying "Eva is infinitely interpretable" isn't a great triump or something to be proud of.  It means Eva fandom is at the same level Tolkien fandom was in the 1960's when the hippies took over.  

It's as if you were to say:  "Every theory is correct! Which means my theory is just as valid as anything Anno says, even if I directly contradict him! So sit down, shut up, read by fanfiction and treat it as the Truth about the series!"

"Eva is open to interpretation" was always a thinly veiled excuse for the fapboys to shove their pornographic fanfiction (I.e. ReDo) down our throats.  A way for random fanboys to get to be treated as "experts"; i.e. Sean McCoy.

This will stop.  

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> I can't help but think that "(many) people" is referring to people like
> me.
> Would I be wrong in thinking so? ;p

Unless I haven't been paying close enough attention to just prior to your
hiatus, it doesn't seem like you've been fanwanking various things as much
as you did back in the ANF days.  So, no, I'm not referring to you in
particular.  But I can see how you would think that.

> I'm not sure if you're making any distinction between people discussing
> Evangelion as "reality", and people discussing Evangelion as a "fictional
> reality", because there is an important distinction. One group would,
> mysteriously, be mistaking Evangelion for real life.

I believe it would be the later.  I'm not suggesting that anyone here is
delusional enough to confuse Evangelion for reality.  Nor am I insinuating
that anyone would believe the plot or science of Evangelion could ever
happen in real life.  I guess what I'm saying is more in response to what
V said (I don't feel like re-reading his posts to pull a direct quote)
about Evangelion being completely understandable, which would imply (IMO)
that the show is understandable because it is cohesive and explainable.  I
think that's a laughable thing to say, all things considered.

I'm probably just being a bit too snide or negative about people trying to
pose different ideas.  But I think there are some things being thrown out
that are being stated as right/correct/fact that really shouldn't be.


> (Seriously? There are
> people out there who believe that Antarctica was vaporized by a 40-meter
> humanoid back in 2001?) The other would be discussing Evangelion as a
> SEPARATE and quite FICTIONAL reality, with our own reality only having
> relevance insofar as "assume a fictional universe operates like the real
> one
> except wherever it obviously doesn't".
> Most of the folks I've "fanwanked" have been painfully aware of NGE's
> countless flaws (it is really QUITE hard to not be aware of them!).
> Perhaps
> a reason for confusion among different types of fans is that "fanwankers"
> are generally trying to reconcile as many details as possible, knowing
> well
> that no cohesive whole will be found, but trying to find the next best
> thing. Just for fun.
> I've attempted to assess the reputation of "fanwankers" among Eva fans as
> a
> whole over the years. Did you know that Asuka rape doujinshi fans consider
> themselves evolved in comparison?
> --Reichu
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