[EVA] Ghost Rei in Episode 01 was RE: The soul in Eva 00...

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Those aren't comparable, based on internal story logic.  You might as well have said "why that's as realistic as GIant Robots!"

Every story needs to follow "internal logic".  Sometimes I think this is why Harry Potter or LOTR fandoms have it easier:  unlike Trek and so forth, they don't have a legion of fans trying to point out the "scientific accuracy" of every single thing.

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> Time travel would be needed to explain how a Rei avatar can appear after
> the death of the Hybrid.  The "half-awake Lilith sending projections"
> theory can't really support that.

Sure it can.  It's just as probable as the half-awake soul of your dead
mother inside of a giant purple robot taking control to beat the shit out
of aliens whenever you're in danger.

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