[EVA] Eva Manga Stage 82

immano immano at katamail.com
Mon Dec 7 12:02:37 EST 2009

> Sorry, update delayed by the addictive Modern Warfare 2...  Eva gets the
> first page this issue, which I believe is the first time since Young Ace
> started. It's also the longest chapter in years.

Many thanks for the good work, as well for the past chapters.
Well, besides having always characterized Shinji in a different fashion 
than Anno, Sadamoto also had to make him handle this situation 
differently to make up for the reduced-channel communication with the 
reader, not being able to rely on animation, music and voice acting. It 
comes out pretty well, and Misato makes more sense thanks to this. It's 
a bit more conceptual than emotionally involving as it was in the movie, 
but good none the less.

We're now at 6 stages for book 12, if the trend of the last few books is 
mantained then Stage 84 will be the last for this book and we might 
expect the tankoubon format for spring 2010. It sure would be nice to 
have a new one.

On a meta-note, I was pretty disappointed by Modern Warfare 2, but then 
again I played it for the single player. :P


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