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Interesting.  It seems like a much less confrontational scene between
Misato and Shinji than in the movie.  It's also interesting that Misato
speaks as if she's aware of her impending death, whereas in the movie,
Shinji figures it out more by finding her blood in his mouth.  There also
seems to be a lot more emphasis on Shinji's destiny and becoming an adult,
rather than in the movie, which seemed to place more emphasis on him
coming to terms with his communication and relationships with others.


> Sorry, update delayed by the addictive Modern Warfare 2...  Eva gets the
> first page this issue, which I believe is the first time since Young Ace
> started. It's also the longest chapter in years.
> Stage 83: The last instruction
> Scene: Misato crashes a car into a wall and gets out, talking on her cell.
> Misato (cell): So, we can get to Eva-01 through Emergency Route 20, right?
> Makoto: Yes, we have three power supplies on it.  If you can get on within
> 3
> minutes, it'll go directly to the 7th cage.
> Misato(cell):  Understood.
> Misato: Shinji, get out.
> *Misato pulling Shinji out of the car*
> Misato: Get out, hurry!
> Misato (cell):  Asuka, listen up.  Make sure you completely eliminate the
> Eva Series.  Shinji'll be up there soon so hang in there until then.
> Scene: Asuka and Eva-02
> Asuka:  Make sure...to eliminate.  She sure makes it sound easy even for
> someone who just got out of a coma.  9 units in 3 and a half minutes, that
> only leaves 20 seconds for each one.
> *Asuka, screaming, charges and destroys one*
> Asuka: Erste! (One down)
> Scene: Misato is dragging Shinji towards the emergency elevator
> Misato: This is it.
> *Misato and Shinji are shot at by soldiers below, Misato crinches in pain.
> They get through a door*
> Shinji: Misato!
> Soldier: They got away.  Use C4 to blow down that door.
> *Misato and Shinji in a corridor, Misato bleeding*
> Shinji: Misato...
> Misato:  I'm okay, this's just a scratch.  From here on, you're on your
> own.  You can do it.
> Shinji:  But I just don't know what's right or what's wrong anymore.
> Who's
> words should I trust, what exactly do you want, I just don't know.  Even
> though I piloted Eva, nothing changed.  I just lose the people important
> to
> me.  I tried so hard yet couldn't change a thing!
> *Misato slams her hands against the wall around Shinji*
> Misato: Are you still going to act like a baby?  Even if it was like that
> up
> til now, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be like that from now on.
> This
> is an order, get in Eva.  Get in Eva and save Asuka.  That is what you can
> do now.  That is what you have to do.  This is my last instruction
> (order).
> It's not like you can just abandon Asuka, can you?
> Shinji: No...
> Misato: Good boy.  Once this's over, I won't be giving you any more
> orders.
> Pick for yourself, by yourself, the path you must go down.  You're not a
> kid
> anymore.  Being pushed around by what adults tell you, acting spoiled,
> throwing a tantrum, shutting yourself off in your shell, it's all over
> now.
> You graduated.  Don't be scared, take the next step by your own free will.
> Look for the answers without anyone's help.  Why did you come here, why
> did
> you pilot Eva, why are you here right now, what you yourself want to do
> from
> now on. And if you're able to find the answers, make sure to come back.
> *Shinji tears up, Misato gives him her cross*
> Misato: Promise me.
> Shinji: Yes
> *There's an explosion from the door*
> Soldier: Did we get it?
> Another soldier: No, one more blast should do it.
> Soldier: Use an RPG!
> *Misato kisses Shinji*
> Misato: That's an adult's kiss.  We'll continue when you get back.
> *Misato pushes Shinji into the elevator*
> Misato: Have a safe trip. (ed: or however you want to translate/not
> translate itterasshai)
> *Door closes*
> Shinji: Misato! Misato!!!!!!!!!!!!
> The title of the stage was written in English, so I left it as is as much
> as
> I would have rather translated meirei as order...  And the cover page was
> Misato, lying on the ground, looking quite dead, so the manga assumes all
> readers know Eva and takes no liberty to hide spoilers, it seems.  A fair
> assumption, perhaps.
> Wow what a chapter.  Shinji's not as lame as EoE, and the lead-up to the
> kiss is much more natural (nice graduation present, I'd say).  But the
> conversation is all about Shinji, so it lacks some of the Misato
> self-guilt
> of the EoE version.  Talk of saving Asuka is interesting, but I'm not
> keeping my hopes up that events will play out all that differently in the
> end.
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