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Manga Entertainment is dead.  We don't have to pretend to be nice to them anymore.  Do not say "God bless you" if they sneeze, do not break if you see them crossing the street.  

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I don't have much to say other than I think the release of D&R and EoE are
two of the most incompetently produced DVDs I own.  The only other DVD I
own that is anywhere near as bad as them is the original Honneamise DVD. 
Guess who put that one out as well?  I was very enthused in 2006 when they
announced they would be putting out a remastered DVD from Renewal.  It
never happened, and they lost the license.  I can't wait for a decent R1
or a Bluray.

And over the years, I did consider authoring myself my own DVD from the
Renewal release.  Never happened, college got in the way.  Damn college.


> While I understand the list may have an aversion to discussing the topic
> of piracy, I feel that some recent experiences of mine might merit
> discussion. This concerns Evangelion, but also anime distribution in the
> west in general. Hopefully, this discussion will not be too offtopic.
> Recently, a hard disc with someones "stash" of films and TV shows became
> available to me. Prowling around their collection I spotted a "rip" of
> "The End of Evangelion", and frankly I was shocked by the level of
> quality that I saw.
> We are all aware of the extremely poor quality of the Manga release of
> End of Evangelion. The Renewal release, while superior, was released
> only in Japan and contains, to my knowladge, no English subtitles or
> dubbing. Apparently a group called Zhentarim some years ago decided to
> rectify this. This group has taken the Renewal footage and Japanese
> dialogue, and painstakingly re-edited the manga DVD English subtitles
> and dialogue so that it fits alongside the redone footage! The result is
> a release which in quality and scope is over and above any officially
> distributed English offering of the End of Evangelion that I'm aware of.
> The list of changes is show in full here(There are no download links at
> the site, which appears to be defunct)
> http://www.zhentarim.net/zx/shownfo.php?nfo=zx.end.of.evangelion.renewal.v3.nfo
> This is just some guy from the internet..... Particularly pertinent are
> his comments on the Manga subtitle crew in his summary.
> Apparently the same group has also gone through the same process of
> reediting Renewal footage for the entire series as well. Coming from the
> region 2 DVD release region, I have to say that the revelation that
> unpaid amateurs have released such high quality conversions of Renewal
> comes as a slap in the face. At some expense, I have purchased the
> official region 2 releases of the series, which turned out to have a
> less than stellar quality. Here's and old thread discussing my woes with
> the official release (with pictures)
> http://forum.evageeks.org/viewtopic.php?t=795
> The biggest problem was telecining which at some considerable effort I
> eventually managed to filter down to an acceptable level. I've also
> encountered this very same problem with other movie releases, such as
> the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD, which I can definitely
> confirm was of a lower quality than the rips I have seen of it.
> I have to say that it is a black mark on the entire anime distribution
> industry in the west when unpaid amateurs working in their own time on
> the internet can, consistently, release higher quality conversions of
> Japanese animes for free. Is there anyone at the tiller of this
> industry? I've spent over 200 euros purchasing the whole series of
> Evangelion and I could have gotten a much better product, and saved
> myself considerable money, time and effort, simply by grabbing a torrent
> made by technically minded fans who have probably never seen the inside
> of studio!
> I apologise if this rant breaches mailing list etiquette, but I'm
> genuinely interested in people's opinions on this. What are your
> opinions on the anime distribution industry in the west? Is it in need
> of a serious overhaul, or is it in danger of becoming obsolete
> altogether? How have things managed to get to this point? Is this a
> market failure, or some other systemic problem? Will there ever be hope
> for fast, high quality, official anime releases from Japan to the West?
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