[EVA] Overthinking (WAS Ghost Rei WAS Eva 00...)

Jason Winter evaunitomega at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 14:17:30 EST 2009

And this was why you were banned. It had nothing to do with any... heh...
vendettas against you, it's because you're a complete and utter douchebag
who thought EGF was his own personal property and tried to take over with
your own brand of douchebaggery. It was for this very, VERY bad netiquette
that you got the boot.

I will say this, and there will be people who will back me up on this: Get
over yourself and move on, V.


On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 8:28 PM, V V <frumious99 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> "You do realize that makes you a huge snob, and that you'd be alienating
> the majority of the fanbase.  Who are you to belittle how people enjoy
> expressing their love for a creative work?"
> Aaron....I don't define "Eva fandom" as the handful of people who were on
> AnimeNationForums' Eva subforum in 2003.  I'm not...trying to "win over" any
> of your current staff:  I can do without them *they number at best two
> dozen* or so.  For a show with thousands of fans.  I don't think you quite
> understand how to gauge "the majority" anymore.
> "I have no clue what you're talking about.  Did I miss something?  Did I
> ever announce that I was doing some fan-film remake of Evangelion?  This
> is why I can't take you seriously V, you either don't know what you're
> talking about, or you just make shit up.  The last three years of my life
> didn't involve any Evangelion fanscript writing."
> Last time you yelled at me, and I said "what the heck have you been doing
> for 6 years?" your answer was that you were working on your film & arts
> stuff to try to write a fanscript.  At which, of course, I balked.
> "Says the guy who dresses up in costume, leaps from the stage, and throws
> VHS tapes of Evangelion to the ground"
> "That's very important to you, isn't it? All the theatrical stuff."
> "It's everything, Evey.  The perfect entrance, the grand illusion, it's
> everything...and I'm going to bring the house down.  They've forgotten the
> drama of it all, you see.  They abandoned their scripts when the world
> withered in the glare of the nuclear footlights.  I'm going to *remind* them
> about melodrama.  About the tuppeny rush and the penny dreadful.  You see,
> Evey, all the world's a stage.  And everything else...is VaudeVille!" -- V
> for Vendetta, graphic novel (chapter four, "Vaudeville")
> " Eva Monkey, they would rightfully tell me to get bent.  And they
> should, because I alone cannot run the forum.  I alone am not what is best
> for the forum, it's the diverse talents, views, and personalities that
> make up the Inner Sanctum. "
> You openly abdicated any responsibility for the abusive moderators that you
> yourself had appointed, and at this point its mroe of a high school clique,
> bullying the rest of us about.  by my count you've got under a dozen
> moderators...as for the rest...want to see how loyal a hungry dog *really*
> is?
> " I'm just a fan.  Just like Brendan, Rachel, Sean,
> or any of the others who have come and gone."
> Then we need a new ReVolution.
> "I'm pleased to meet you and I hope you guessed my name,
> but what's puzzling you, is the nature off my game"
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