[EVA] Ghost Rei in Episode 01 was RE: The soul in Eva 00... [somewhat Noise]

Gwern Branwen gwern0 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 19:53:18 EST 2009

On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 7:16 PM, immano <immano at katamail.com> wrote:
> Tomino is quite critical with the whole generation that birthed Eva.
> Recently, there was a film festival here in Italy and Tomino, as well as
> other big names, was invited. They had this round table where they would be
> asked questions to answer in turns. IIRC, Yamaga and other Gainax/Khara
> staffers were there, and at one point this particular bunch of authors said
> they didn't care for the expectations of the public or even the appreciation
> of the contents of their works, for all they cared about was making anime
> stressing the elements they liked in the ones they grew up with (and if
> you're wondering what those may be, try tracing the points in common in
> Gainax productions from Mahoromatic up to now).
> This apparently scandalized Tomino and others of his generation, but the
> festival was so alternative and had gotten so little attention that the
> event only got reported when a radio station I was listening to interviewed
> one of the curators.

Obviously the Locarno festival; mangaimpact.ch is pretty clear.
lists 3 possible events corresponding to your description:

- "a round table on Manga Impact with its curator, directors,
producers and experts in
Japanese animation"
- "a masterclass by Yoshiyuki Tomino"
- "director Hiroyuki Yamaga, co-founder of the studio Gainax, will be
a guest of the Summer School 2009 of the University of Italian

At a guess, I think it was probably the first one. The topic sounds
right for general blatting like that described, the roundtable term
applies to both, and the 2 classes seem unlikely to have had time for
that sort of thing.

Wonder if "Carlo Chatrian, curator of Manga Impact"
(carlo.chatrian at pardo.ch) would have any transcript or know of any
quotes. I am stricken by my infornographic impulses! After all,
says that
"Besides a dedicated website, mangaimpact.ch , the event will produce
a Manga Impact book published by Phaidon, profiling more than 300
players within the manga universe in the first manga directory of this

And this festival seems, as far as I can tell, to have been conducted
in English, and certainly Chatrian seems to know English if his
Facebook presence is any guide. (Is Chatrian the fellow on the radio?
I hope so.)


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