[EVA] Gender analysis in the series, vis a vis Asuka and Misato

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Has it come to the point that after 14 years of fanart and fanfiction, and a heck of a lot of porn fanart particularly the ones that have *no* basis in the series....you have honestly conflated the two so much that you consider them synonoymous? That you've even forgotten that this wasn't the way things were at first?  

Citing the large amount of porn fanart in existence is not justification for the existence of said porn fanart.  It means we've got to change the very way we think about "Eva".

Watching the show straight off TV was different from borrowing VHS tapes, watching at a convention, then meeting up online; there weren't any old school fans there to paternalistically pass off their own fanfiction as part of the "experience" of watching the show.   It was just the series.

Meanwhile.....14 years on, it's still "that show that no one understands"; pause to think that maybe the constant waves of divergent, misinterpretting fanfic had a role to play in that?

I don't walk into a convention panel on "Eva" then expect the panelist to rant about their own fanfic for an hour (i.e. Sean McCoy), I explain a theonering.net-style, theforce.net-style, Star Trek-style "panel explaining the series"

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 Well...is rain wet?  Yes, I, V, have biting contempt for anything fan-made
and particularly the pornographic things...

And that's a very valid point, however to try and force your contempt on
others, disqualifying something because it doesn't fit your approved
standard or mode is not a Revolution (or rather a REMOlution, if you ask
me), it's trying to make it a thoughtcrime.

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> Logical counterpoint:  Anno grew so disgusted with the endless
> merchandising of Eva, the thousands of naked Asuka and Rei statuettes, that
> he put in the opening scene of End of Eva (not the whole thing just the
> first scene) as sort of a "this is what you fanboys are really like, you
> ignored our character study and just made a ton of porn" thing.

Yeah, right... anno gre so disgusted with something that sells? This is the
guy who revolutionized the term "milking a franchise".

> I really think the naughty fanart detracts from our overall understanding
> of the series.
> Even say, Peter Jackson, was known for his splatter-fest films, but his
> later work wasn't filled with gore.

Just because he filmed the lord of the rings and you think that book is the
bestest of the best books does it mean we have to accept this; lots of fans
were also against his re-imagination of certain scenes, but people let him
get away with it because it's just a movie; a sort of fan-based,
but Hollywood backed homage trying to explain and visualize what Tolkien

> The self-serving, misinterpretted fanfiction has been allowed to run
> rampant for too long.  It's time to rein in the brutes.

It's also time fro you to accept the fact that no one really acres about how
you think one form or another are misrepresntive. Like i said, I will garner
proof of Retake and Kimimaru beicoming mainstream as soon as you prove your
REMOlution is not simply a cry for people to trun and look at you and you
have something actualkly worth reading other than "WAAH! Aaron and Rachel
banned me from their site even after I slaved myself on their Wiki! I DEMAN

Seriously, all of your point/counterpoint is becoming more like a spoiled
brat who simply doesn't want people to forget he's there and kicks the table
to make them look at him.

> The funny this is, you guys dump on "Angelic Days" for being the same
> mawkish, self-serving, self-medication style narrative that "ReDo" is, you
> just prefer that one because it was fan made and thus in some warped
> capacity, "one of us".

No, I dump on angelic days because the art was sub par when compared to ISIK
or the manga; the story was interesting and I did like it (except for the
epilogue which felt like Hayashi was told "make another volume! we can sell

I think that soptry wise, both Angelic Days (or GoS2) and Retake have
validation because the author wrote a compelling story, as opposed to the
ISIK which feels like reading Love Hina over and over again.

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 4:36 PM, Carl Horn <once at ix.netcom.com> wrote:

But you seek to see what is actually there, don't you? Look at "E-Mono,"
> (ISBN4-04-852868-8), edited by Gainax and published by Newtype during
> Christmas 1997; i.e., the year THE END OF EVANGELION came out. It was the
> then-definitive catalog of licensed Evangelion goods. There are certainly
> many Asuka and Rei statuettes, but not naked; many are in fact based on
> fan-service shots from Anno's show--bandages Rei, one-piece bathing suit
> Rei, two-piece bathing suit Asuka, skirt-blowing Asuka, etc.

Agreed, If there is one thing that eva was famous for was
the gratuitous fanservice (the gainax bounce) as well as the promise of more
"service" in each episode preview.

> Rei and Asuka were designed as sex symbols, and that's what they became. I
> agree with you that the masturbation scene in the film is a statement about
> the sexualization of the characters.

There's also the whole sequence of "stephen" I believe is the name used in
Otaku no Video; every single female character is developed to be a source of
sex appeal and service, because every animu wishes to sell figures and kits;
it's something you have to accept in Eva even more; especially when seeing
Rebuild; the whole 2.0 aspects of Shikinami is nothing more than service
service service in my opinion.
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