[EVA][META] On Organized Fandom was Gender analysis in the series

Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 13 00:22:16 EST 2009

> We've been functioning under that mindset for 14 years, and look where it got us.  

A diverse fandom where everyone's voices can be heard?

A place that is open for people who just saw the show and have this cool theory that they came up with from just watching the series and want to share with the crowd? As well as for folks who want to get into the nitty gritty of the Secret Information and of whether post-series revelations should be taken into consideration when discussing the mythos? Where the folks who write fanfics can co-exist with those who do not?

Multiple voices and interpretations are a good thing. They encourage discussion, and a fandom thrives when people with differing opinions and viewpoints interact. 

In short, what you're seeing as a bug is a feature. That people can watch Evangelion and get a dozen different interpretations of what it means to them is purposeful. If Anno wanted Eva to be easily interpreted, to function on a single level where the series is no more complex than Nadesico or Gundam X, he would have done so. Gainax knew what they were doing when they created Evangelion, and they knew that it would be a complicated series that people would get different interpretations from.

That is one of the reasons why Anno declined to record a commentary track for Manga's release of EoE after all. He didn't want to resolve the questions people had. Evangelion is very much a personal journey. 

Peter Svensson


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