[EVA][META] On Organized Fandom was Gender analysis in the series

ObsessiveMathsFreak obsessivemathsfreak at obsessivemathsfreak.org
Sun Dec 13 02:17:22 EST 2009

V V wrote:
> (V laughs so hard he's almost crying)
> We live in a fandom where if Aaron or Rachel Clark disagree with your opinon, they lock down all discussion: "everyone's theory is correct" turned into "my theory is therefore equal to Hideaki Anno's work" and therefore "sit down, shut up, don't ask questions, and believe what I tell you without basis in reality"
> Do you...seriously think this is still the same vibrant fansite that came to the Anime Central 2005 meetup?
> When Aaron and Rachel aren't leaving their sites for months at a time, repeatedly, they're either shooting down any structured argument with "that's up to interpretation", or just playing petty politics because we're "outshining" them.
> The big forum war of Christmas 2005 zapped everything; it's been three *years*  of delaying and complaining.  And I've slowly realized that the happy vibrant *productive* fandom of 2003 isn't coming back.  
> "Sitting around waiting for Rachel or Aaron to DO something" isn't my idea of "Fun", much less is it going to fulfill my goal of "getting us back up to Awesome"
> "Under and behind and inside everything this man took for granted...something horrible had been growing..."
> ( is V my bad dream or am I V's?)
V, I must take exception to your continued misrepresentations of the 
evageeks.org site and the people in it; Reichu and The Eva Monkey in 
particular. Your tirades and accusations are gross exaggerations and 
distortions of events and bear little if any resemblance to the facts. 
Threads in the forums are most certainly not arbitrarily locked, 
particularly discussion threads. Nor are people, yourself included, 
banned—or even temp-banned—without all due consideration. The "forum 
war" of 2005 to which you refer was hardly the epochal event you have 
made it out to be, and your idealisation of the fandom circa 2003 
ignores the far larger body of work accomplished before and since.

Your mischaracterisations of Rachel and Aaron are particularly 
unwarranted and have by now, bordered on complete fancy. Indeed, you 
conflate the two as one when you declare them to be "locking down" 
discussions, as Aaron has only passing interest in analysis topics. 
Moreover, it is Reichu who presided over the commentary project, not 
Aaron, so again you have conflated the two when you speak of "sitting 
around waiting". This suggests to me that your tirades are becoming 
increasingly removed from reality.

In addition, your contributions to the wiki, while numerous, were in no 
way as signifigant as you have continually made them out to be. Indeed, 
you have misrepresented the extent of your contributions on this very 
list. Specifically in this post
You stated that the wiki page which Gwern Branwen was referencing from 
was "material that I myself wrote", a clear vaunting of your own 
contributions to the wiki. Yet a simple check of the history logs for 
the same page reveals that you did not so much as fix a spelling mistake 
on it.
Again, your misrepresentations have divorced themselves from reality. 
The Wiki in fact has done rather well in the absence of your contributions.

You have hosted Evangelion panels, which is a laudable achievement, yet 
you host them dressed in "V for Vendetta" cosplay. Moreover, you 
continuously reference the Lord of the Rings fandom and even the Start 
Trek and Star Wars fandoms on occasion. This suggests to me that 
Evangelion is not as great a priority for you as you have made it out to 
be. Indeed, your continuous talk of a ReVolution in Evangelion fandom is 
rather suspect as you focus soley on analyis, and ignore most other 
aspects. You've even made it clear in several posts that you hold fan 
fiction and other such works in contempt. It's clear that your purpose 
is not to change or recreate Evangelion fandom for the people, but 
rather simply to mould it in _your_ own image, destroying it in the process.

Your focus on analysis is particularly incongruous as your contributions 
to discussion have been minimal to non-existent. Indeed, the majority of 
analysis(and most other) information you provide at your panels is taken 
directly from forum and mail discussions as well as websites with no 
acknowledgements—indeed anti-acknowledgements given your attitude 
towards the rest of the fandom.

You have continuously stated that your are creating a ReVolution, yet 
you have not in fact produced any other revolutionaries. The extent of 
your revolution appears to be restricted to a single youtube channel 
called "ReVolutionOfEva" where you produce videos intended for 
consumption, not discussion. In other words, you have succeeded only in 
creating a pulpit from which dogma is issued, and in so doing have 
become the very caricature you created for others.

V, you are not a revolutionary or even an anarchist. You are not even a 
rebel without a cause. You are simply a malcontent with a grudge against 
the evageeks.org site. I am sorry that things did not work out there for 
you at the site, but your attitude towards other fans is simply not 
productive or congenial to a site for general fan discussion. Your 
actions on the Wiki were too unilateral and contrary to its good running 
for you to be allowed to continue editing. Your continued presence on 
the boards, even under new accounts such as the Twsa'teotu account you 
created, was simply too injurious to the convivial atmosphere needed in 
the forums.

I am also sorry that your grudge has extended itself to the rest of 
Evangelion fandom. Indeed I must apologise to everyone on this mailing 
list for being the ultimate cause of your recent spree of acrimony on 
this list. This all began when I began posting calls for translators for 
the Commentary Project. Indeed, I believe the specific post was this one 
at rei-ayanami.net, (known euphemistically as THAT BOARD) where I hoped 
to catch the attention of one of the doujinshi translators there
(I should mention that the site is generally NSFW, being host to 
generally pornographic or "hentai" doujinshi and images, of the kind 
which I believe were recently mentioned on this list.)
Your reply there, under your account name, was swiftly followed by the 
first of your many tirades against the Evangelion fandom on this mailing 
list which many have undeservedly been subjected to.

Clearly some measure of blame for recent disturbances on this list lies 
with my actions, and I must take the opportunity to offer my sincerest 
apologies for my part in bringing about these disruptions. I will 
endeavour in future not to post such notices on sites which V might 
frequent, such as THAT BOARD.

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