[EVA] Gender analysis in the series, vis a vis Asuka and Misato [Critique]

EB marestes at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 15:14:42 EST 2009

Like, say, Imagining that because you don a mask and a cape (or a fedora and
trench coat, or a cowl, one can never be sure with you) you are making a
stand for something?

Fantasy world = comic books, and comic books characters, by proxy, my dear,
misguided V.

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 2:12 PM, V V <frumious99 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> While "deconstructionist", Evangelion was not entirely "existentialist" or
> post-modernist.  Arguably, I think it was "post-post-modernist"; it
> addressed postmodernism, then ultimately, sort of rejects it; I mean its a
> series who final, big message was "the world is real and thus has inherent
> value to it.  No, it's not all subjectivity, as that is living in a world of
> fantasy"
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