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Tue Dec 15 13:41:46 EST 2009

> 1 - Evangelion has no religious meaning.  

There are religious symbols in Evangelion. They are mostly chosen for their visual appeal more than their symbolic meaning, but there are a few cases where the religious references are actually part of the story. More importantly, the plot and themes of Evangelion, about the nature of the human soul and the question of transcendence have religious implications.

God is irrelevant to Evangelion. That humans believe in God is not.
> 2 - You *do*? You're an expert in psychology, science, cultural concepts?  I gradually realized that after years of respecting you and Rachel as Fandom Gods, you have no better or worse training in this than I do:  you simply happened to watch it some years before I did and thus had access to a few more now out-of-print materials (which, thanks to our-friends-the-Russians, I now have)

The argument isn't about "You personally don't have the skills" but "No single individual does, which is why fandom works as a collective." It doesn't fall to a single person to decide what is right and what is wrong, but a general consensus of the fandom achieved over time. You are presenting yourself as the Fandom God. You're not. You're just a fan like me, like Gwern, like Aaron, like Ebj, like Carl. No authority over others. We're just folks.

Folks who like a TV show.

(And if you're going to be all high and mighty about it, call it "Gainax's Evangelion" because while Anno was important, Evangelion was not a one man show.)

> One of the principles of the ReVolution is that Evangelion, while a bit dense, isn't particularly more complex than Lord of the Rings was, and is (with proper guidebooks, etc.) fully understandable to every fan.  

I think the issue here isn't whether the plot of Evangelion is understandable, which is true, but what the series MEANS isn't necessarily a simple matter of fact. The fandom can't come to a consensus about what the TV series ending means. The answer isn't "Well I have the correct answer and the rest of fandom is wrong!" but to examine why the series can be so divisive.
The facts are simple. The interpretation is not. There is room for literary debate on any subject. And we should be willing to accept the viewpoints of others and respect them, even if we disagree.

> You're no better than ADV for giving voice to Sean McCoy's crazy theories; how do you reconcile those?

He doesn't have to. Everyone should have the right to voice their opinions, even if they are wrong. The correct response isn't to prevent people who you disagree with from having their say, but to create a proper rebuttal and make it available. 

I talked to Jaffe at Fanime Con while he and Amanda Winn Lee were working on EOE. We had a short discussion where we talked about the reading he'd been doing to prepare himself for the part. "Oh, so the Newtype 100%, the Red Cross Book, the Filmbooks?" "Oh no, I mean I read those as well, but I've been reading books on Kabbalah and ancient Mesopotamian Myth! There's some amazing insights into the show if you study those!" I disagreed with him, and made my stance on the subject clear, but at the end of the day he had his viewpoint and I had mine.

But apparently since I didn't beat him to death right then and there and devour his entrails, I'm a horrible fan and a failure for not stamping out heresy at first sight.

You fashion yourself after a fictional anarchist but want to create a totalitarian fandom where if people have theories you personally disagree with, they must be stamped out and destroyed. Does the weight of the irony not pain you?
> Oh you misunderstand; when I say "we" I mean the boys and girls that support the ReVolution.  

None of whom are here supporting you in this discussion. If you actually had followers actively supporting your viewpoint, present them. Otherwise you do come across as a single obsessed fan with a messiah complex.

EVA Fandom doesn't need revolutionaries to remold it in the image of the stodgiest and least friendly fandom there is. We just need people to talk about it.

Peter Svensson

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