[EVA] Moura interviews with Gainax people & others

Aaron Clark aaronc1 at umbc.edu
Wed Dec 16 10:02:21 EST 2009

>> .....the soul-stuff in Eva seemed more about just wacky scifi plot
>> mechanics.
> Evangelion is a series where the existence of the soul is proven and a
> major plot point. Just because it's inconvenient for your personal theory
> to accept that a major element of the series mythos is dependent on the
> existence of the human soul, doesn't mean you can brush under the rug as
> "wacky scifi."


>> You are arguing for a fandom based on mob-ocracy and herd mentality.

> As opposed to a totalitarian fandom based on cult of personality? Fandom
> is fun. People participate because they enjoy it. It's a hobby we engage
> in

>> Sir, you insult Tolkien fandom.

> I do. I'll do it again. Tolkien fandom had a great opportunity to reach
> out to fans of the movies and draw them in. They as a whole chose to
> segregate themselves, and make it harder for new fans to get into the
> fandom. It has the reputation for being insular, and cliquish.

>> The fact that LOTR fandom looks down on wild theorization and porn
>> fanart, and instead treats it as a major literary work (but in a zany
>> way) doesn't make them "unfriendly"....it makes them men of wealth and
>> taste.

> Condescending elitist jerks then. Wealth? They're richer people because
> they're better than the "common" fan?

I would argue that Tolkien's works have spawned two totally different and
separate fandoms.  There is the mass fandom, much like the Evangelion
fandom, that is more or less open and receptive to people exploring and
expressing their ideas and love of the work freely.  And then there is the
elitist, insular clique that actively denounces fanart and fanfiction, and
I would not be surprised if they thought Peter Jackson's trilogy of films
was the worst thing to happen to the fandom since my elementary school's
1996 production of the Hobbit where I played a goblin.  In my opinion, the
new films allowed a new wave of fandom to emerge, the sort of fandom that
is completely free to explore and enjoy.  Free to be silly when it wants,
and free to be serious when necessary.  A democratic fandom.  That's what
the Evangelion fandom has now.  It is undivided.

V, what you are advocating is a divided, insular fandom.  You will never
achieve it.  You will only manage to build a quasi-internet-treehouse
populated by flunkies from Adult Swim and Youtube who simply don't know
any better.  And as they seek out their answers, they will outgrow and
discard the blinders and shackles that you will try to place on them, and
find better communities to call home, where they are allowed and
encouraged to make the fandom their own.

> "V", you take Evangelion extremely seriously. You are the Evangelion
> Otaking.

I think that's giving V way too much credit.  OR IS THAT SUM SARCASM?


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