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Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 16 16:41:12 EST 2009

> If you want any further proof that you CANNOT just say that the religious
> aspects in Evangelion mean nothing, read this:
> http://www.crossroad.to/text/responses/Evangelion.htm

That doesn't really mean much though. The fact that actual Christians would interpret Evangelion differently from the originally intended Japanese audience is known. What's more important is the idea that religious imagery brings meaning with it, even if in the context of the Evangelion mythos said imagery isn't important. It doesn't matter whether the giant in Terminal Dogma is named "Lillith" or "Kushiel" but since Lillith is said to be the mother of demons, there's an extra layer of information that an imaginary name wouldn't have. The propensity for manga creators to name characters after items doesn't usually impact the story, but it is there and usually for a reason.

Sure, Gainax could have just used other imagery instead of Judeo-Christian and not seriously impact the story. It's not a biblical allegory. But they chose that imagery for a reason.

Assuming that the religious imagery is of absolute import and must be deciphered to understand the plot is just as bad as saying that it has no purpose whatsoever and ignoring it completely. It's there. It's part of the show. Ignoring the religious elements, and how they interact and/or contrast with the philosophical and spiritual elements of the series doesn't add to understanding. It detracts from it.

Peter Svensson

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