[EVA] Moura interviews with Gainax people & others

Aaron Clark aaronc1 at umbc.edu
Thu Dec 17 00:20:38 EST 2009

> The "Plan" is to Get Back up to Awesome, as I have said before:

The fandom is already pretty awesome.  You seem to be the only person who
has this notion.  Does it ever concern you that no one else seems to be on
this "eva fandom is not awesome" kick?

> Eva is
> more popular if it is more understandable and well explained;

Really?  Do you have any evidence to back that up?  I always thought that
Evangelion's puzzling nature was what made it "stick".

> Rebuild of
> Eva is an opportunity to start again; this time, we "get it right", with a
> relatively easy to understand (with guides) show,

A year ago, you seemed to think the fandom was pretty awesome and wasn't a
crazy nightmare that people were free to do as they pleased.  Aside from
being banned from Eva Geeks for being an irreconcilably disruptive force,
what has happened to change your views on this fandom so much?

> there is a another Eva
> boom:

There is already another wave of new fans coming in thanks to Rebuild
ramping up.  It's starting to enter the mainstream fandom, now that it has
been dubbed and put onto a proper DVD.

>  then, the Hollywood types notice, and we finally get live-action
> Eva...a *well done* live action Eva, because we actually understand it in
> advance:  at which point,"Eva's in the theaters, God's in his heaven, and
> all's right with the world"

I hate to break it to you dude, but that's probably not going to happen
for a long long LONG time.  ADV barely exists at this point, and most
likely, they're going to be working extra super hard on the practical safe
business stuff over the next few years to "get back to awesome".  WETA has
merely been a talent provider in all of this.  They don't hold the cards,
ADV does.  And if Peter Jackson, an Oscar winning director, who has made
some fantastically successful films, couldn't do a Halo film around the
same time the most anticipated and financially successful video game in
history was coming out, I doubt ADV and WETA could manage to pull it
together without any significant names attached to the project.  Until a
name like Peter Jackson, James Cameron, or Steven Spielberg gets attached
to this project, I would roll my eyes at anyone who would think a
live-action adaptation of an anime from 14 years ago would have a
snowball's chance in hell of being made by a largely defunct company at
any point in the immediate future, and that a bunch of know-it-all fans
would facilitate that happening, or have anything to do with it for that

Don't get me wrong, I would like to see it happen, and I would love to
work on it in some capacity.  But both the film being made, as well as
being able to be involved in it are both pipe dreams.  Films are not easy
to make or get going.  Evangelion would be especially true in this case. 
I think everyone can agree that it needs to be done right, and that takes
time, and careful planning.  They have to attract a director who
understands and respects the medium.  There are not too many of them out
there.  Anime is still a medium that has been most enjoyed by a younger
generation.  The only person I can think of off hand who would stand a
chance of doing this is James Cameron.  He is a fan of some anime,
particularly Battle Angel, which he's producing in 2011.  If you want this
film to be made, I highly recommend writing him, expressing that you would
like to see him attached to the project, and advocate him pursuing it in
2012 or later.


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