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I have the renewal bonus features; specifically what on them pointed to End of Eva being in the storyboards?

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> Crud, so is the concept art actual proof that "storyboards or something like it existed when  the TV episode 24 aired?"

You misunderstood me. 

The original 15 second next episode preview to episode 25 was mainly storyboards from TV 25. I am suggesting that the 30 second next episode preview to episode 25' was made using storyboards as an homage to the original. We do in fact have actual proof that storyboards for something akin to 25' existed, not just from the few scenes that made it into TV 25, but from the Renewal of Evangelion DVD release bonus features. 

> If not, didn't we have a source somewhere saying that the network rejected their original outline for the TV ending, which was like End of Eva, as "too violent and too expensive"?

That their original planned ending would not have passed the tough standards of the Japanese PTA was generally understood by Gainax at the time. Likewise, Gainax had gotten ridiculously behind schedule (something they are notorious for) and was running out of money. Anno helped with the animation for TV 26. Almost certainly because every hand they could get to finish the episode on time was needed more than any artistic choice.

Which is one of the reasons why I am forgiving of the TV ending being almost schizophrenic in the morals it assigns. It's a last minute rush job.

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