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The "we watched it dubbed on TV, in order, never skipping an episode" 'crowd' have a better grasp of the series than that "watched poorly fansubbed VHS tapes and often skipped episodes because we couldn't find the tape" original late 1990's crowd, which defined "Eva fandom" - you inherited their mistakes, we all did.

At the most, what you've been able to point out are things on the level of that "the Lance of Longinus pierced Jesus' side, so in Eva, it pierces the side of a giant godlike alien"

Some of the names match up in a kind of clever way

But we have large numbers of people who don't understand *basic facts about the series* and were met with high-end, often opinion-based, theorization.

*If you want me to thoroughly discredit Taliesin Jaffe, I was already planning on doing that*

One of the stated goals of the ReVolution is to point out just how much of a wacky job he was doing, and "FUNimation bases its knowledge of Eva on what Jaffe tells them" is our nightmare-scenario.

Last month I was "lone crazy guy", this month I'm "king of the morons who watched off adult swim and will never amount to anything?"

Well, that's a step up in the world...grudging admission....

Not that much thought really went into the "religion" stuff on the show, it's a veneer

A consistent, inter-related veneer, but it wasn't really what the show was "about"

If you hate the English dubbers like Grant or Spencer so much....why don't you tell them what you've send online before, about your thoughts on English dubs?

"I'm pleased to meet you and I hope you guessed my name,
but what's puzzling you, is the nature of my game"

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> The biggest problem is....if Evangelion *is* about religion, if Taliesin
> Jaffe's rants about the symbolism in it are on to something........

I don't consider pointing out context a "rant".  Unless of course I'm
missing something.  A rant is more akin to when you go on about Evangelion
fandom being a big know-nothing circle-jerk.  THAT is a rant.

Talieson was merely trying to share where he thought things came from,
based upon some research he had done, which I appreciate a lot more than
hearing people be bubbly about dubbing, which offers nothing in regards to

> I'm not being sarcastic, or doubting, I mean I honestly would like to
> hear, summarized into a paragraph or two, "what Evangelion was about and
> its message/meaning" if the religious symbols mean something.

I don't think Evangelion means anything specific in regards to religion. 
I believe Gainax when they say that Evangelion is not a religious
commentary.  But they're they're fallible to a degree in saying they mean
nothing, because they mean something to people, regardless of what anyone
else tells them.  They mean something to me, and I'm an atheist.  They
don't mean a whole lot to the plot, but when shit goes down, in EoE in
particular, a lot of the mechanics of instrumentality are dictated by
religion, even if its only pseudo-religion.  There's a rhyme and reason to
certain things that can't be denied.  That would in effect be denying an
entire dynamic of the creative process, saying, in effect, that Anno was
just throwing things at a dart board randomly, which is not true.  Things
MEAN something, and those dynamics and mechanics were of particular
importance when crafting the world of Evangelion.

> Because my point is that maybe the reason "no one was able to explaining
> the ending of the series" for 14 years, is because during all this time,
> everyone kept trying to make sense of it in religious terms that simply
> did not fit it;

You can keep telling yourself that, but it won't make it true.

Maybe you just have this strange over-arching generalization based upon
one guy on a DVD saying where Lilith came from, without being
overly-specific that he was referring to the Lilith of mythology, and not
the Lilith of Evangelion.  Which would have been a lot easier if people
weren't squealing in his ear about Spike Spencer and Alison Keith the
whole time.  I thought it was fairly obvious that what he brought to the
table was "This is where this stuff comes from" not "This is what this
stuff in Evangelion actually is in the world of Evangelion".

Did your friends at the Adult Swim board take everything in Evangelion
literally?  Is that where this generalization came from?  Because I could
understand how a bunch of people who watch the show dubbed and edited
could miss a few things.

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