[EVA] Gender analysis in the series, vis a vis Asuka and Misato

R_J_N r_j_n at btopenworld.com
Mon Dec 28 04:57:22 EST 2009

However, what deeply upsets me is that most "Gender studies" on Eva seem to 
be largely focused on Kaworu and Shinji, rather than having strong female 
characters like Asuka and Misato.

@VV, the attraction for me of Eva (& anime generally, which started with 
BGC, Gunbuster & Dominion) has always been the strong female characters. The 
Shinji-Kaworu thing is way overblown. Misato has always been, & will always 
be, my favourite anime lady. But the Oepidal themes & deeper psychology of 
Eva are all female-centric.

Kaworu was the last, most sophisticated angel, who had the most devastating 
effect on Shinji. But he was ultimately "monster of the week". Aauka was 
emotionally mind-fragged by a mental attack - on her ego & cracking her 
shell that repressed her most painful memories. Shinji was mind-fragged 
(taking the EoE route) by an emotional attack, offering comfort, hope. And 
then making he himself destroy it. Misato could have counselled him, as the 
sole approachable humane person standing - but she was too numbed by losing 
Kaji, discovering the truth, & in a warhead state of mind.

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