[EVA] Evageeks (Dreadfully [META])

Peter Svensson sun1jack at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 23 21:39:53 EST 2009

> Note what the outline for episode *17* is:
>     "Episode 17: Asuka's 1st date: Asuka goes to an amusement park for
> the  first time.  Misato's past. A romance comedy."
> This is of course nothing like what episode 17 actually was, Eva-04
> going boom;

Though Asuka alludes to the events of said planned episode as happening off-screen at one point. It's actually kinda interesting to think about.

> The FAQ mentions that the filmbooks aren't any better a source than
> the RCB is; IMHO, they're probably better sources than the
> Confidential/Secret Information. If the above is legit, and I have no
> reason to believe it isn't, then the filmbooks were using *very*
> inside information.

The Newtype 100% guide isn't the same as the filmbooks, though I agree that both seem to have had direct information from Gainax. As for disparaging the Confidential Information, I don't really see why. Sure, it's not entirely the best written backstory, nor does it 100% mesh with the evidence in the series, but I never really expected an official document from the folks who actually worked on the show to do so. There was a point some years ago at a con where the question of "Whose soul was in Unit 03" came up, and the director of the episode was just totally clueless. The series mythology operates on a level deeper than is needed by those people actually writing it.

And well, Adam and Lilith being space aliens amuses me.

Peter Svensson

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