[EVA] What does Rei's "poka poka" line mean?

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I've heard it loosely translated as "warm and fuzzy" -- as I've gathered, the 
point is that she's using a very childish, vague description for "love"....as, 
basically, a child with no concept of romantic love emotions would describe this 
new alien concept, from a point of naivety/innocence.  But what's the literal 
meaning?  What's the full significance of the choice of words "poka poka" for 
how Rei feels about Shinji?   The June issue of Newtype even used "She said poka 
poka!" as a header in an article about Rei.

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Subject: [EVA] Hong Kong BD EVA 2.22

Finally got a chance to watch EVA on my HK BD last night.  I have to say the 
disk quality is excellent, both for video and audio.  The images come out very 
sharp and I could tell the Blu-Ray quality. The audio quality was equally 
Even better though was that the subtitle quality was quite good: there was no 
"Engrish" or the bad name translations that HK releases are know for and at 
times I really thought this was a US release.  Perhaps the only questionable 
choices on the subbing was that the English audio parts in the original movie 
were not subtitled (perhaps thinking the audience would already understand them. 
Sadly for Kaji's English I really could have used subtitles). Also, Rei 
describes her feelings for Shinji as "warm and fuzzy," which I thought was a 
cute translation. 

This release plays on Region A BDs and I played this on a stock Playstation 3. 
If you don't want to wait two years for the US release go buy this thing now.  
It is a tad expensive (I paid $44 at YesAsia.com) but at least you have a good 
quailty legit release. 

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