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On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 2:11 PM, Gwern Branwen <gwern0 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 4:53 AM, Carl Horn <once at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
>>> Currently, my bibliography lists the following items from Animerica
>>> relevant to Evangelion, but only 2 from 1996:
>>> 1995 "A New Direction for Robot Anime?" Animerica, 3:6 pg 17
>>> 1995 "Gainax Returns to Anime with Shinseiki Evangelion", Animerica 3:2 pg
>>> 14
>>> 1996 "Anime series roundup OAV -- Neon Genesis Evangelion" Animerica 4:12
>>> pg 8-9
>>> 1996 "Avenging Angels: Neon Genesis Evangelion", Animerica 4:3 pg 12
>>> 1997 "Angel's on the silver screen: Neon Genesis Evangelion",
>>> Animerica 5:1 pg 14
>>> 1997 "Neon Genesis Evangelion", Animerica 5:6, pg 22
>>> 1997 "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Adapting the Manga", Animerica 5:8 pg 58
>>> 1997 "On the Evangelion Movie", Takashi Oshiguchi, Animerica 5:5 pg 59
>>> 1997 "The Mask or The Face: Neon Genesis Evangelion", Animerica 5:2 pg 70
>>> 1999 "LM HG Evangelion Unit 05", Adam Rehorn, Animerica 7:9, pg 81
>>> 1999 "Neon Genesis Evangelion", Brown, Animerica 7:9 pg 80
>> Other Animerica articles I wrote from that era that touch on Evangelion
>> might be:
>> 1996 "The Conscience of the Otaking," Animerica 4:2, p. 6-7, 24-26.
>> This was part one of a four-part interview with the founding president of
>> Gainax, Toshio Okada, conducted at Otakon '95, and should certainly be read
>> as an alternate viewpoint to many of the events described in "The Notenki
>> Memoirs." It ran in Animerica 4:2 through 4:5, although Okada only touches
>> on Eva in 4:2.
> The bibliography _Comic art of Africa, Asia, Australia, and Latin
> America through 2000_ has the following entries (good bibliographical
> information makes for easier interlibrary loans!):
> 1996
> Horn, Carl G. "The Conscience of the Otaking: The Studio Gainax Saga
> in Four Parts". Animerica 4:3, pg 6-7, 24-26
> "The Conscience of the Otaking: The Studio Gainax Saga in Four Parts:
> Part 2". Animerica 4:3 pg 8-9, 22-25
> "The Conscience of the Otaking: The Studio Gainax Saga in Four Parts:
> Part Three". Animerica 4:4, pg 9-10, 24-27
> "The Conscience of the Otaking: The Studio Gainax Saga in Four Parts:
> Part Four". Animerica 4:5, pg 8-9, 24-27
>> At the time the interview was conducted, Evangelion was in
>> production but had not yet aired, and Okada mentions episode 5 in the
>> context of how Gainax (since he left) has gained more control over its
>> scheduling. He also makes the interesting assertion that he was talking
>> about "the base story of Neon Genesis Evangelion" with Anno back when he was
>> still at the company (he dates his departure to 1992).
> That is interesting. As it happens, I was looking at the _Notenki
> Memoirs_ and it also lists Okada as leaving in mid-92, while Eva
> wasn't even a glimmer in anyone's eye before July '93. I wonder what
> Okada means by the odd 'base story' phrase - Perhaps he's just
> recalling some vague mecha proposals?

I think I finally figured this one out. Here's one quote from my files:

> OKADA: In THE WINGS OF HONNEAMISE's story, that planet is six light years from our Earth. So, I told Mr. Yamaga, we should make a continuation story where their spaceship, not interplanetary, but interstellar, arrives here 100 years after the time of HONNEAMISE. So, they come to our Earth, and make contact with Earth. So, it is a continuity of that story. But it is very difficult to make. The plot I want to have, if I am to make a continuation of THE WINGS OF HONNEAMISE, is to have the story of them making their own interstellar ship, And that ship will arrive in our solar system right about the time Earth is able to colonize Mars. Not a warp drive, but an acceleration ship.

  --["Return of the
part 6

Then, look at some of the cut _End of Evangelion_ scene translations:

real SEELE plan? Gendo/Yui wanted to colonize other planets?

Olivier remarks, though I had forgotten this comment:

> Now, as you can see, there were talks about... well, what may look like a really strange version of Royal Space Force. ^_^;

And of course, what movie was Gainax working on not very long before
the NGE proposal was hashed out, and was the last major anime
development while Okada was at Gainax*? A sequel to Honneamise.

So means, motive, and method are all there. It requires assuming that
Okada is rather stretching the truth when he says 'basic story', but
doesn't require assumptions of lying or really bad memory. Does this
seem sensible to you?

* _Oritsu Uchigun_ began March 1992 and shut down July 1993; Okada
left, as best I know, mid 1992


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