[EVA] V Bombs at NYAF

Vito Plahuta ikari.gendo at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 14:01:20 EDT 2010

So... today I've come across this little gem:


I'm not sure how to comment on it apart from saying it's a disgrace. As if
Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't flagged often enough as pretentious, a guy in
a friggin costume needs to host panel, it's not quite halloween yet you
know. How about being an adult for once and come up to the stage and
introduce yourself using your actual name, it's the adult thing to do and
tends to help credibility. You keep using the word "academical" however I've
yet to read a published scientific article signed by "Bozo the clown and
Batman". Or maybe you lack the conviction to actually stand behind all the
stuff you keep spouting off.

And yes, I'm one of those old elitist fans as you might call it. I watched
it before ADV released their DVDs, old vivo files, judging by the quality,
probably VHS.Except there's just one problem, I don't live in the United
States, never did, nor do I live in an English speaking country. And reading
the article above, just reconfirms how narrowminded and selfcentered you
really are.

I think I'll stop ranting now, given the length of the Reva forum rules, it
would take me ages.

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