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Oh yeah, I-CON 28 was a disaster.  My peeps who were there think so too, and the 
joke we have is "if nothing else, things can't get worse than I-CON 28"....it 
wasn't really the staff's fault or anything, it couldn't be helped:  I-CON is 
normally at the big Stonybrook University campus, but due to construction that 
year we had to move out to Suffolk Community College.  The rooms were smaller, 
no one knew where anything was, and the "main stage" was now a walled off 
section of the gymnasium next to the dealer's floor, impossible to hear guests 

Again, I sympathize and understand that staffing this must have been a 
nightmare.  You see, I got *four* panels accepted, but the first problem was 
that they mixed up the order of the panels in the schedule; not really a 
problem, its all Eva stuff.

The REAL problem was when we came into the room, and realized 1-it only had 20 
seats when we got 75 people the year before, and more importantly 2 - there was 
physically no digital projector in the room.  

"1. Some guy dressed as “V” (from V for Vendetta) having a nervous  breakdown 
while leading a panel about anime because his classroom didn’t  have a 

 Odd that he uses the phrase "nervous breakdown", there was just a lot of 
yelling.  Its not that "V doesn't know how to turn the projector on"...there was 
no projector.  And they knew in advance that I needed audio-visual hookup, I'd 
been to meetings before to stress that "this is a powerpoint lecture I need a 
projector" and they didn't have one.   Then, the A/V guy *physically wasn't on 
campus* or something (the con was actually split between three locations)...and 
in desperation the programmers asked if I could just run the panel verbally 
without powerpoint.  And I just had to stress that, besides the fact that we 
already lost 20 minutes waiting, it was a visual presentation so there was no 
way to just recite it all without the images.  So I gave everyone some doritos 
bags to pass around and we just had to wait it out.  

So the big stress was 1 - this was signed up as an "audio-visual" panel, its a 
powerpoint lecture.  The equivalent of say, a big Otakon panel having no 
functioning microphones.  It wasn't "just" that there was no digital projector, 
say that to the AMV guys.  2 - No one knew where anything or anyone was because 
of the move; I mean crowds of people were wandering the halls looking for 
drastically rescheduled panels.

So then we just did "Panel 1" in the timeslot for "Panel 2" and I just skipped 
"Panel 4" entirely.  So what ultimately became "Eva franchise" (the first video 
of a panel you saw me running) was a few hours *after* the first time slot fell 
apart;  and I hardly seem like I'm "having a nervous breakdown" in there.

Next year I-CON 29 was great though, we moved back to Stonybrook and there were 
no further problems like that.  It was just a bad situation what with the move 
and all, the staff did what they could it just wasn't a good time and there were 
scheduling problems.

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I think this almost as great as the Fort90 review of V's nervous breakdown
at I-Con 28.


I wonder how poorly received his Gainax panel was...


> So... today I've come across this little gem:
> I'm not sure how to comment on it apart from saying it's a disgrace. As if
> Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't flagged often enough as pretentious, a guy
> in
> a friggin costume needs to host panel, it's not quite halloween yet you
> know. How about being an adult for once and come up to the stage and
> introduce yourself using your actual name, it's the adult thing to do and
> tends to help credibility. You keep using the word "academical" however
> I've
> yet to read a published scientific article signed by "Bozo the clown and
> Batman". Or maybe you lack the conviction to actually stand behind all the
> stuff you keep spouting off.
> And yes, I'm one of those old elitist fans as you might call it. I watched
> it before ADV released their DVDs, old vivo files, judging by the quality,
> probably VHS.Except there's just one problem, I don't live in the United
> States, never did, nor do I live in an English speaking country. And
> reading
> the article above, just reconfirms how narrowminded and selfcentered you
> really are.
> I think I'll stop ranting now, given the length of the Reva forum rules,
> it
> would take me ages.
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