[EVA] Japanator hasn't seen Hetalia?

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What I'm baffled about is...er...haven't you seen Hetalia? 

We recorded the panel and this is a screenshot of the slide in question: 


"American" was...a joke.  I mean haven't you seen America in  Hetalia?  Like 
when America accuses England of not speaking normally,  and England gets upset 
that he's *England* he sets the standard for what  "English" is...and America is 
so ego-centric that he demands that  people speak "American" 

This was a Hetalia joke.  People in the audience laughed at it.  I'm  curious if 
you haven't seen Hetalia that may be why you didn't  understand it.

I don't know why Japanator didn't get the Hetalia reference, much of the 
audience did.

as for devoting time to Religion in Eva, he says its not an issue anymore....but 
really, there are still many "religion in Eva" panels being run today, so I 
think this was a legitimate need.  

If they don't think the psych disorders I associate with the characters match, 
fine, I'm not a certified psychologist.   But at least its a step up from the 
"lets assign eva characters to kabbalah sephiroth positions" routine.  I felt 
pretty good about it.

As for the doing it in cosplay thing, no it is no longer the "adult" thing to 
do, and I take credit and responsibility as "V" -- *that* sir, is my name and 
title! -- a MAJOR point of the panel was that for far too long, people could 
would dress up very formally and proceed to spout off nonsense about Evangelion.

Indeed, many of the "academic" and formally typed up and published "articles" in 
Mechademia on Evangelion, are gibberish (specifically the work of Susan Napier, 
and Yarborough...nothing of merit has been produced on Eva).

But to re-iterate:

1 - I don't think Japanator understood my Hetalia jokes, but the audience did
2 - I understand that you don't like my V costume thing, but...how is this new 
for NYAF?  Nothing has changed.
3 - You disagree that I spent so much time dispelling info on religion perhaps?  
Well it is still something people talk about.
4 - You don't think the psych stuff was accurate; fine, that's a legitimate 
argument based on "evidence", we could productively debate that

Overall, the panels went very well.  I was of course, nervous as always, but the 
audience seemed to enjoy it.  150-200 people each time, we didn't do a formal 
head count.

Gainax panel actually went better than the first one, biggest problem was that 
we forgot to hit 'record' so I've only got clips from my cellphone camera.

FUNimation panel Q&A was also good; Mike McFarland and Taliesin Jaffe were in 
the audience, and I got to walk up to microphone to ask questions.

Basically I asked that while we don't know about new English voices, will the 
established cast from the first movie return; even minor characters, for the 
sake of continuity?  I.e. Caitlin Glass lives in Europe now.  And one of them 
ran over to McFarland, who said that *yes* Caitlin Glass will still be available 
to be Maya.

All's right with the world.

So people came to successful panels and seemed to be informed.

Its a shame Japanator left 10 minutes before the end:  that's when I showed 
everyone just how loyal a hungry dog really is...

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Subject: [EVA] V Bombs at NYAF

So... today I've come across this little gem:


I'm not sure how to comment on it apart from saying it's a disgrace. As if
Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't flagged often enough as pretentious, a guy in
a friggin costume needs to host panel, it's not quite halloween yet you
know. How about being an adult for once and come up to the stage and
introduce yourself using your actual name, it's the adult thing to do and
tends to help credibility. You keep using the word "academical" however I've
yet to read a published scientific article signed by "Bozo the clown and
Batman". Or maybe you lack the conviction to actually stand behind all the
stuff you keep spouting off.

And yes, I'm one of those old elitist fans as you might call it. I watched
it before ADV released their DVDs, old vivo files, judging by the quality,
probably VHS.Except there's just one problem, I don't live in the United
States, never did, nor do I live in an English speaking country. And reading
the article above, just reconfirms how narrowminded and selfcentered you
really are.

I think I'll stop ranting now, given the length of the Reva forum rules, it
would take me ages.
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