[EVA] V Bombs at NYAF

immano immano at katamail.com
Sun Oct 10 13:47:22 EDT 2010

Because you've only done your bashing routine over that panel, right?

At any rate, since this thread is providing *zero* insight over Eva and 
anything sufficiently related to matter, seeing as the highlights of its 
contributions are "the hilarity" and "ROFLMAO", you probably ought to 
give a second try at seeing how off-topic this is.

*Looks up "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" reference* Hmmm, I'll 
refer to Sgt. Murtaugh on this, I share his take.

Il 10/10/2010 19:36, Aaron Clark ha scritto:
> I fail to see how a thread about a review of an Evangelion panel is off
> topic.
> Would you rather talk about Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt?
> --Aaron
>>> I think he's quite too minor an influence to get that sort of
>>> recognition.
>>> --Aaron
>> Well not to you and your buddies here, it seems, considering how much you
>> go off topic to talk about him here.
>> Ebj--
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