[EVA] Extra Curricular Lesson with Hideaki Anno

Aaron Clark aaronc1 at umbc.edu
Fri Oct 15 19:25:34 EDT 2010

Hi.  We've made the Extra Curricular Lesson with Hideaki Anno available
for download.  It's very rare, and very insightful, and for many people,
it will be your only opportunity to see the man on screen talking about
himself and Evangelion.

This was produced in September of 1999, shortly after he fell down that
escalator, and subsequently was unable to attend AussieCon.  You can even
see the fresh cut on his forhead.

This came on the multimedia disc for the introductory issue of Anime Play,
which is one of the rarer items I have in my collection.  I hope you all
enjoy it, and I'm sorry it took so long for us to put it out, it was
mostly me being busy and inattentive.


--Aaron Clark

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