[EVA] Eva Manga Stage 88

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Sun Dec 4 09:11:23 EST 2011

Eva Stage 88 - Black Moon

Intro: The history of mankind begins to move...

Scene: Geofront, Eva-01 at the center of the tree of life can be seen in
the air

Enemy General: The operation was a failure...
Soldier: At this point...

*A big explosion erupts out of the ground. Eva-02 is knocked away*

Askua: Kyaaaa!

Scene: Command center, everything shaking with the force of the explosion

Maya: Nooooo!

Shigeru: Direct hit, the first Malebolge(?) is melting down. Defense forces
have been annihilated!

Makoto: Second wave is drilling into the command center.

Fuyutsuki: The outer wall of the geofront is gradually being exposed. It's
still a physical impact wave. Set absorbers to max! It's finally here,
third impact!!

Scene: Seele

Seele-01: It is a sign of the depths of time. With the purification of the
red earth, first return the geofront to its original form.

Scene: Geofront is growingly encompassed by the black moon

Fuyutsuki: Lillith's egg, the origin of human life, the black moon. It's
too late to want to go back inside that shell, but that too depends on

Scene: Terminal dogma, Gendo is in front of the regenerating Lillith

Gendo: Rei, get back here.

*Lillith fully regenerates and sheds its mask, showing Rei's face*

Gendo: Rei...

Makoto: An unknown mass of high energy is rapidly approaching from terminal

Shigeru: AT field confirmed

Makoto: Blood pattern blue!

Maya: It can't be, an angel?!

Fuyutsuki: No, that's not it. It's a person, a human!!

*Lillith's hand passes through the command center*

Maya: Per...aaaaaaah!

Scene: Terminal dogma, Gendo stares at the empty cross of Lillith

Gendo: Rei...

*Bang, blood spurts from Gendo's throat*

Ritsuko: Uuh...you liar. The only one you loved was her.


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