[EVA] DVD bitrates and "Holiday Edition" extras?

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V. If you want R1, the original Platinum box is my suggestion, with #2 as 
the thinpack extra-less Platinum set.

Otherwise, for R2 Japanese, the "Monolith Renewal box." (+ Test Type 00 as 
an additional buy)

A cheaper alternative to that is the R3TW set which includes the bonus disc.

For EoE on DVD, only the R2 Japanese DTS LE... (Renewal dets use the DD 
5.1). Region 1 release was/is bad on various levels.

My personal ownership-trophy favourite is the EoE LD box set, for the 
enclosures etc.

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Now that the original series DVDs are going out of print, I've been trying 
to decide which was the one overall best DVD box set to recommend "for 
posterity" as "the set to hunt down".

ANNcast talked about it going out of print in podcast #100, and their strong 
suspicion was that its more of a Khara vs Gainax problem than an ADV/Section 
23 problem. As evidenced by the fact that even FUNimation can't get a 
re-license of End of Eva. So its more of a Japan-end problem than an ADV 
problem. Whatever.

At any rate I didn't double-dip for that "Holiday Edition" repackaging of 
the TV series box set, which is the last print run they ever had. It was 
"Holiday Edition" only in the sense that it was "out in time for Christmas" 
I guess.

I've heard that it had some basic extras, i.e. "animatics" -- though from 
what I can glean, they weren't exactly really good "animatics". Has anyone 
seen those and what were they like? Or, was it just video of the storyboards 
which we've all *already* had access to from the Groundwork of Eva books?

Moreover, I saw some reviews say that Holiday Edition actually had a *lower* 
quality bitrate than the thinpack? Can this be confirmed? In which case, the 
thinpack is the gold standard for visual quality?

Further, is there any noticeable difference between the bitrate on the 
"thinpack" and the bitrate in the "full Platinum Edition box set", the one 
with all the extras?

While the "extras" aren't that great (Sean McCoy's insane ramblings) -- I 
just peronally like voice actor commentaries so I think the extras are worth 
it; i.e. having Tiffany & Allison comment on episode 9. Did it reveal 
thought Anno put into the show? No, but it was just fun to have.
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