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Frank  La Lone <lalone at glis.net> wrote : 
>	How many movies are there?  People speak of movies; plural, but I only =
>know of one.  Is there a movie that starts the series, or am I way off =
>base? :)

 I don't think it's a spoiler ...

 The first movie " EVANGELION: DEATH AND REBIRTH " was
composed of two movies: " EVANGELION: DEATH " and
"EVANGELION: REBIRTH". It was shown in this spring.
 DEATH was a quite imcomprehensively-edited version of
the tv series. They added some new footages to it, though.
 REBIRTH was all-new movie of which story could complement
the blank between episode 24 and episode 25.

 The second movie " THE END OF EVANGELION: Air / Magokoro wo,
Kimi ni " is composed of two episodes: " #25': Air " and
" #26': Magokoro wo, Kimi ni ". I remember those episodes also
had official English titles as tv episodes had, but I forgot
 It is shown in Japan right now.

 It may not be a spoiler ... when the theatrical edition of
"Algernon ni Hanataba wo" (grr, I don't know the English
title ! ) by Daniel Kieth(spell?) was introduced to Japan,
they renamed it " Magokorowo Kimi ni " ( True heart for you ).
... would you like to tell me the *correct* spellings of
those names ? Daniel's novel is a story of an idiot guy
whose intelligence was *artificially* enhanced.

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