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Sun Aug 10 09:29:25 EDT 1997

>Anime shall always be a fringe thing....  It is in Japan, although more
>widely accepted....  But some of the best series are some of the least
>popular or accepted (like Evangelion).  Some of the worst series are some
>of the most popular (need I mention Crayon Shin-chan, Sazae-san and
oh you have picked the VERY wrong example - Evangelion is THE most popular
in japan right now - the facts: (i was in japan in july and experienced it
- on july 19th they showed the crowds in front of the movies (some people
camping there from the day before to be the first) - btw if you dont know
19th was the premiere of "the end of evangelion"
- movie tickets were sold out for MONTHS (i was lucky enough to get an
invitation card)
- a tv-documentary was shown about "why did evangelion become such a
success" - they interviewed bunches of people (there were students fans
whose teacher was even addicted to eva  ...), shown statistics of how many
eva-goods were sold in the last year, etc.etc. (btw they also interviewed
anno hideaki) and the most suprising fact they talked about is that
evangelion did reach not only anime-otakus but other people who usually
don't watch anime too ...

well anyway this was just about you picking eva as example for the
not-widely-accepted anime ... i agree with your opinions in the rest of
your mail


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