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Asuka Langley asuka_langley at geocities.com
Fri Aug 15 01:59:56 EDT 1997

Bleu Rose wrote:

<<SNIP : My Apoligies>>
>  Aww Asuka! Don't be depressed. No harm done. Just stung alittle.  Since
> I'm new at this, and you used my specific post I thought I was the one
> misunderstood. Believe me I understand how it can happen. I have a very
> sarcastic sense of humor, which is often misunderstood by those who
> don't know me well enough.

Actually, I'm a pretty sarcastic person. But I have trouble identifying
sarcasm in written form, unless I know a person REALLY well, because I 
identify sarcasm by the tone of people's voice. And of course, on other
MLs I was in, lots of people were series when they sent somethinglike you did.
I didn't want to take the chance...

You just can't ever be too careful. ^_^

>  Anyways, since there is no need to blather
> on about simple misunderstandings, I'll end this by saying: DON'T WORRY

Right! ^_^

> So Asuka,
> Any comments on Kaoru's unusual behavior?  Doesn't he seem to like
> people (particularly Shinji) a bit too much?  I mean, for an angel.

Well, he seems to be engeneered the same way Rei was. So I think a lot
of him is human, whcih is probably why he, in the end, stood by humanity's 
side (by letting Shinji kill him).

And now that I think about it, none of the Angels were actually attacking
people directly unless they were attacking them. All the destruction was caused
by their somewhat ruthless way of trying to gain access to Lilith/Adam.

I don't think any of them actually hated humankind.. If they did, then they 
could've been attacking some other defenseless city, or in case of 4th 
Shito, it had plenty of chance to wipe out most of 3rd Shin Tokyo, but it
didn't. So... I donno. 

On a semi-related subject, I read a very short douijinshi about this very 
thing which goes like this : Kaworu came up with the idea of creating a 
baby between a Shito and Human, thinking maybe that would end the fight
between them... so he chose Shinji (^_^;;;). Then Rei tells Kaworu 
that you can't make babies between males. (Kaworu says "Oh, yeah! I was a guy!"
^_^). And thusly, Kaworu decides to fight instead.

It was pretty funny. ^_^

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