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Fri Aug 15 18:05:12 EDT 1997

Hello everybody,
I am a new member of this ML. I just got the info of this ML by surfing
on the net looking for EVA's scripts and spoilers... Anyway, let me introduce 
myself. Basically I am a semi-otaku of intellectual kind. I do not really love 
mecha or mechanical design. I like the characters more (especially the bishoujou
-- i.e. pretty girls :). And I love to think about the social, philosophical and
symbolic meanings behind anime. 
I am a fan of Asuka, even though she has been quite insufferable at times. So in
future debates you would know where my bias lies :-)
I use Lotus cc:Mail to read mail, so please bear with the format I use to reply 
letters. It's not quite the same as UNIX mail...
P. from Tokyo
PS. I watched the "End of Evangelion" last weekend, and got some feelings and 
questions. Are there anybody out there who has watched the final movie? I don't 
want to talk about things that only I know about. 
[The following lines contain spoilers of Ep 24 AND 1st movie]
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Subject: Re: [EVA] [EVA-announcement] Policies?
Author:  evangelion at tr.ml.org at Internet 
Date:    8/14/97 11:15 PM
Asuka Langley wrote:
> >
> > Any comments on Kaoru's unusual behavior?...  
> Well, he seems to be engeneered the same way Rei was. So I think a lot
> of him is human, whcih is probably why he, in the end, stood by humanity's 
> side (by letting Shinji kill him).
Whoa! And here I thought I was alone in this theory! I didn't want to say 
anything because I haven't seen the episode yet. 
## I just wonder whether Seele knows Kaworu is an angel when they sent him 
## to Nerv. They seem not to be surprised when they heard that Kaworu was 
## an angel. They even seem to be expecting that.
## And if Seele indeed sent Kaworu to Nerv knowing that he was an angel, 
## then how did they manage to get the angel into the body of Kaworu?
## Perhaps by the same way as Rei....?
## I don't know whether Kaworu has to be in human form. He is the angel of 
## "free will", and from his conversation, it seems that he can live as long 
## as he likes. I presume that he might be of an abstract existence (just
## the will?) and can live in whatever form he wants. He also said in TV
## that he could have lived in Eva2 but for the Eva2 shutting herself out from 
## him. Perhaps the existence of Kaworu is something like the soul (tamashii) 
## of human.
> I don't think any of them actually hated humankind.. If they did, then they 
> could've been attacking some other defenseless city, or in case of 4th
> Shito, it had plenty of chance to wipe out most of 3rd Shin Tokyo, but it 
> didn't. So... I donno.
Uh-uh, I'm beginning to think "we're of the same type". I had arrived at 
this thought just the other day.  The angels aren't really attacking the 
city or people. Just NERV. 
## Speaking of "we're of the same type", I think it is fair to say that 
## they are of the same ancestor as human. In movie (or TV?) Misato 
## said, Shito is one of the other possibilities of human.
## And about "the same type". Anybody notices that when a Shito is 
## discovered, the heads-up panel in the control room always says 
## "Blood-type: Blue"? I read an EVA book (you know there are many
## of them), and it mentions a Japanese director (forgot his name)
## whose films apparently has had a major influence over Anno (the
## creator of EVA anime). One of his films is a SF movie, in which
## some UFO's appeared in several places on the Earth, and those
## people who were illuminated by the UFOs have their blood turned
## into blue. Nothing else happened to those people. They just 
## lived as they were before, except their blood is now blue in
## colour. However, this is not the thing on the governments' 
## minds. They are uneasy with certain people who are somehow 
## different living in the society. And they fear that they have
## something more sinister developing in their bodies or minds.
## They organised a plot to kill everybody with blue blood. The
## lead character is a government employee, who happens to have
## a girlfriend with blue blood. The story ends in tragedy. All
## the blue-blooded people were killed, and the lead character
## himself killed his girlfriend.
## So perhaps this was what motivated Anno to indicate the Shito
## as "Blood-type Blue". This seems to suggest a certain 
## xenophobic element in the reaction by the human.
And with all this talk about Rei and Kaoru also trying to get to Adam 
and Lilith I have begun to wonder if the other angels are just trying to 
rescue Adam and Lilith or return to them.  Ya think we're alone in this 
theory on the ML?

## If Kaworu's words can be held as general to all Shito, I think the
## aim of the Shito is to merge with Adam (but perhaps not Lilith)
## Kaworu saw what he believed to be Adam, and said something like
## "All things which came from Adam be returned to Adam"

That does sound pretty funny. BTW, What is a "douijinshi"? I've seen 
this mentioned on the ML before. Going by your usage of the word I 
figure it must mean a short story or spoof. Am I right?

## Doujinshi means "Fanzine". Some kind of publication done by 
## amateur artists and the subject is usually but not necessarily
## parody work on popular anime/manga. A significant amount of
## them are "H" (or erotic).

## For people who accept "H" stuff, I recommend the Doujinshi 
## "Lost Paradise - Shitsu Raku En" Vol 1-6. Although not all
## stories are to my taste (esp the SM stuff), some stories
## have pretty good ideas on the characters or the EVA story.

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