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Why is Touji always in track suit? Doesn't he have to wear school uniform 

## In Japan, when you are doing on sports lesson you are sometimes allowed
## to wear track suit. But I guess he's been a bit easy on the school
## uniform code.
Was Touji conscious when EVA-01 did all those bad bad things to him?

## Use your imagination :)
Why didn't EVA-03 kill EVA-00 and EVA-02 but tried to kill EVA-01?

## EVA-01 is closest to EVA-03?
For me, that Touji incident marks the dark age of the EVA series. Really 
makes you cry... ...and Anno even had to throw Hikari in to make us cry and 
cry and cry. If Touji had died, maybe it wouldn't be so sad. But he had to 
live his life with his disability and he even didn't want his sister to 

## Well, he doesn't have to live his life with his handicap for long. 
## HCP is soon to begin....
## As for his sister, I think NERV had already put his sister soul in
## EVA-03. Reason? Think of why Touji's sister was transferred to 
## NERV's hospital? NERV wanted it so. Did you see all human pilot
## requires his/her EVA to hold the soul of a female who is very close 
## to the pilot? Touji's mom was dead long time ago, who is the best
## candidate to "donate" the soul??? In fact, Ritsuko said something
## to that effect when she mentioned why Touji (whose name was not
## disclosed at that point) was chosen as the 4th children. Misato
## showed her disgust, but couldn't help it.
## Now you realize how DARK the Touji incident is........

Makes you wonder why you didn't like him when he punched Shinji. Makes you 
cry and cry and cry. But EVA does that to people. Anno likes to see fans 
cry and cry and cry with him.

## I don't know whether he would cry over his characters. 

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