[EVA] Evangelion in Final Fantasy VII

Tony Kazanjian tonykaz at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 14 22:57:56 EDT 1997

justlam at intergate.bc.ca wrote:
> It seems that a Square Employee managed to get something from Evangelion in
> to Final Fantasy VII.
> You can find it Dio's museum at the Battle Square at Gold Saucer.  Search
> the robot suit in the background and you can find that it looks and has the
> same model type as the
> Magma Diver in Evangelion.
> There's also some info saying that FFVII has a similar story line as
> Evangelion, but I have finished it yet so I don't know if it true or not.
> Anyways, It has appeared that Two great things CAN coexitst. hee hee
You saw that in this month's GameFan, right?  BTW, is GameFan gonna
start their own AnimeFan magazine, or is it just gonna be a small
section of GameFan forever?

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