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> From: Patrick Yip <Patrick.Yip at ing-barings.com>
> >B) What is *exactly* Jooteki seibi (= legal act, or legal regulament)? 
> >
> "houteki seibi". 

> ## I know Spanish pronounciation of "J" is like "H" in English.
> ## Is it also the case in Italian?

I really don't know spanish ^__^;

> >2) Ep. 7: Gendo and the man

> >Still waiting an answer from Mr. Takeuchi... 'dainiji seibi' seems to
> Well, I still stick with the idea that the project is NOT the second use
> EVA. 

> ## I will stand by Takeuchi as well in this case. Those nations which
> ## the EVA models don't know what the real purpose of the EVA is (namely,
> ## the use in Third Impact). They only think that it is used to combat
> ## the Angels. And for the more knowledgeable, perhaps for the Human
> ## Complementation Program.

In fact the man does not refer to something clear, but to a general 'second
arrangement'! As those nations which build the EVA models were told from US
"we need nine Eva, for a second arragement"... this is not surprising, as
for the secret nation of nerv and moreover Seele.

However, is somewhere in official sources told which countries are involved
in costruction of eva? 
Someone told G7+ china and russia... 

> ## Actually his face does look like a Chinese, at least the usual anime
> ## manifestation of a Chinese.

I think so...

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