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> From: Gareth Ortiz <gao203 at is7.nyu.edu>
> >Everything you write seem pretty logical to me. The big question is
> >the nationality of Asuka father American or german (in first case Asuka
> >1/2 A, 1/4 G and 14 J, in second case she's 3/4 G and 1/4 J)
> ok, her name is Asuka (Japanese)

For sure.

> Langley (hmm..American?) 

Sure not japanese! And a bit strange as german.

> Sohryu (Japanese).  


> Her mother was Kyoko (Japanese) Zeppelin (German, I suppose.
> It is a German word, even if I've never seen it used as a name) Sohryu
> (Japanese).  I assume we are supposing then that Kyoko is 1/2 Japanese
> 1/2 German, right? 

Right, and as his daughter enherited the name 'Soryu' and not 'Zeppelin'
probably her father was 'Soryu' and her mother was 'Zeppelin'. This also
explanin why Asuka grandmother seem to have yellow hair, and why Asuka is a
Japanese speaker... 

> Sadly, we don't know her father's name.  It's kind of
> a problem.  The Langley could mean something, but it doesn't have to.  Is
> it her middle name?  Or another last name?

Yeha, that's the real point. IMHO 'Langley' is the *main* last name of
Asuka, enherited from her father...

> >I know RCB say so. However something is still unclear... just think

> It's not just that.  Seele directly states as much in the movie.  Citing
> it as the reason that 01 can be used to complete the HCP instead of
> Lillith now that the Lance is lost.

That's right... but how about Seele was fooled by Gendo? Gendo tried to
fool Seele in many ways, including Rei...

> >it... I know Nerv fooled everyone (including Kaji) saying an Angel
> >Adam causes the 3Imp, however also Kaworu thinked so... And why to
> Kaoru was willing to die for that belief as well.  He seemed pretty darn
> sure of it.

Don'y you think this have to be some meaning?

> >transport the embryo of Adam to nerv HQ? If it was used to create Eva
> >02 and so on, why don't simply annihilate it as an Angel after the first
> >evas were cloned?

> Remember, Gendou has a different HCP in mind than Seele does.  Although
> it's been a while since I read the script of EOE, IIRC, Gendou mentions
> something about a plan to unite Lillith and Adam.  Quite possibly, his
> version required the use of Adam as well, and that's why he told Kaji to
> bring Adam.

here you're probably right...

> >And also the Giant of Light is pretty much like 01!
> Well, it really looks like just about any Eva.  (Well, not teh MP Models,
> but...)

But he has TWO eyes, and also shoulder blades! Also he as a core (does you
think other Evas have a core too? Seeing the 'cemetery' of OO in appares
unprobable to me...). Also remember Lilith hasn't a core, O1 has, Adam
probably had. Moreover, the unino between Lilith-01 (Rei-shinji) seems like
a reunion of Lilith and Adam, the primordial couple, don't you think? 

Gainax deliberatly fooled with the show itself and with every sort of
gadget (I remember a keyring of Lilith called Adam...)...
Why not on RCB? 

> In this case I will trust the RCB over a card set.  Adam is the first
> angel, the embryo, and the giant of light.  BTW, the Antarctica scene is
> D&R basically confirms that the Giant is indeed Adam.  Also, some of
> Gendou's comments in EOE serve to give credability to the embryo being
> Adam.

I will check on other RCB-like books I own... If I remember one of them
contain a glossary containig 'the Giant of light' as a proper chapter...
they also contains an officicial chronology of eva universe (more detailed
of the one contained in Adam). Also RCB seem lacking on a 00 file...

> >mmh, if i dont mistake, Lilith own soul was nothing but the 'big' soul
> >generated all humans souls... think about the 'Gulf'... However when Rei
> >come back to Lilith, Lilith answer her 'Okaerinasai'...
> See, it's known that the one Rei soul that is passed from clone to clone
> was derived from Lillith's soul by Gendou.  Thus when she returns to
> Lillith, she is welcomed, because she is effectively a missing piece.

Was it official declared? However it makes perfectly sense...

> >Actually Kaworu also claim Rei to be 'same as him', but sure rei is the
> >closet to Lilith that everyone else ^__^

> Also, as I mentioned.  That comment can mean a lot of things.  After all,
> both were similar to humans, but not quite human.  Both were being used
> humans.  Both have red eyes. ^_^  Both have been cloned.  Both are used
> the Dummy system.  They have a lot in common.

So, but Kaworu says to Rei 'same as me, you're born from Adam too'...

> >However there are major difference between 'other' Angels and Humans!
> >to tell some: Angels are single, Humans are many. Human posses the fruit
> >wisdom, Angels the fruit of life.

> Yeah, but on an interesting note, doesn't the final product of the HCP,
> the single mind-form, sound suspisciously like an angel of sorts.  As if
> the 18th angel came all together to form a single minded creature like
> other angels.  (Possibly immortal-fruit of life?)

I think so! ^__^ Maybe the 18 Angel got the fruit of wisdom, and this mean
intelligenge and science, but also a 'colony' form. And then they must
return to they mother to gain the fruit of life, immortality and a single

> A lot of stuff doesn't match the Bible.  It doesn't have to. 

IMHO this is a major difference, maybe too much...

> After all,
> humans being born of Lillith instead of Eve? 

According to director Anno, eva is a sort of personal re-interpretation of
Go Nagai's Devilman... maybe Anno plays with the concepts of 'humans' and
'demons' as well as Nagai...

Angel are real sons of Adam
Humans are demon created by Lilith...

> OTOH, since people feel the
> need to cite some of the similarities between Adam and Lillith, here's a
> compromise:  What if Lillith produced Adam as the first angel through
> odd from of asexual reproduction?  Perhaps due to this method, "he" is
> very similar to "her" as a life-form?  Then perhaps the other angels were
> created from a "union" of Adam and Lillith.  This might account for their
> great variety and connection to Adam as well as Lillith.  What if it
> out in such a way that Adam functions as a "father" and Lillith as a
> "mother?"  Then, since each angel is born of both, it might explain their
> ability and desire to find one of them to meld with.

Belive it or not, that's exactly what I think! Adam was born from a sort of
'mithosis' from Lilith (or mabye they were a single, armafroditic, double
headed being, pretty much Platone's theory of birth of humanity...), this
could also explain why Lilith body is cutted for a half. Then from Adam and
Lilith Angels were born. Humans generate from Lilith only, from her blood,
the LCL, the primordial soup. Human souls maybe also came from the Lilith
soul itself (a sort of 'Gulf's Room'...), so humans are 'half brother' of
Angels. In Seele version of HCP Lilims must return to Lilith, but Gendo
want to re-unite Lilith and Adam, so create a clone from their BOTH, using
Yui DNA... this is Rei, the key of Gendo version of HCP. Rei, same as
Kaworu, was born from both Adam and Lilith... In fact Gendo said to Yui 'It
is a pity his/her son will not see him/her'...'If female I'll call her
Rei...'. As Adam is the first beeng born from Lilith, he can be considered
as the first Angel, and also as the first human beeing, as Humans also
generated by Lilith...

This is THE ONLY way to conciliate all of I think trustable in Eva show...

What do you think about this idea?

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