[EVA] [SPOILERS] Got ADV Genesis 0.11.... (drifting back on-t opic)

Jason Long (Exchange) jlong at exchange.microsoft.com
Thu Apr 2 14:54:02 EST 1998

> <snip big chunk>
> Spoiler ahead. Don't read if you don't want to know how EOE ends.
> Funny you mention the differences between the emotional and physical
> difference of feeling physically gross and the emotion of "suckness" if
> you will. ^_^;
	Well it is important to diferenciate between the myriad of possible
meanings for "This Sucks!" ^_^

> As some of you know, the final scene Shinji actually tries to strangle
> Asuka (!) so it is possible that when Asuka said "Kimochi Warue" it
> *only* means the physical discomfort when someone try to suffocate you.
> -_-;
> OTOH, literal translation of "Kimochi Warue" should be "This
> feeling/emotion is bad"---which I think is the actual case and it's more
> of an emotional thing.
> Again, "Kimochi Warue" is so important to Eva that, I still can't make
> up my mind how it should be translated. I am curious how it will be
> translated in US--whoever is gonna pick up EOE in the future. I tend to
> think "It sucks" is not the right approach though.
> My 2 cents.
	OK.  That being the case then I have to go yet another route, and
say that none of the above are suitable in, and of, themselves.  At this
point I need to add emotion into the mix.  As a former Thespian (actor), I
would like to take the character that *I* know as Asuka and put her in this
situation and define what I feel the character would say ( this is to say
that this is based purely on how I interpret the character of Asuka)...
	nope, that aint quite it ^_^ (although she may have thought that
	<choke, choke> ... I ... <choke, gag> ... hate ... this ... <faint
or attack Shinji, I haven't seen EOE and don't know what she does>

	There.  That makes a lot more sense to me.  I think that this way
you can understand that there are many things she could be saying this
about.  You also have the stronger emotion of Hate as opposed to the more
whimsical Sucks...  My $0.02...


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