[EVA] Tom's take on the Newtype 100% art book (Part 00)

Tom Rothamel tom-pine-1 at computerworks.net
Wed Apr 15 10:25:10 EDT 1998

On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Gualtiero Cannarsi wrote:

> > >m24-m28 contain an outline of the series... If I'm not mistaken, it has
> > >been translated an sent to the list.
> Where can I find these tranlsation' Would the translator gently repost in
> on the ML?

Well, the original translation was forwarded to the list by Patrick, who
didn't write it. I just grabbed it out of the archives, and am resending
it here, with Patrick's preface intact.

I think this is the part in question, but am not 100% sure. The lengths
seem to match up, however.

- Tom - Beware the ides of April! (US Tax Day)

     PY @ TOKYO
     I received a copy of a translation of part of "100% NewType 
     Collection". The sender would like to remain anonymous. Also, the 
     original translator did not put down his name (or somehow lost during 
     the passage through the Internet). Anyway, let's give our kudos to
     him for his contribution to the understanding of EVA!! 
     Although permission is usually asked from the original author before 
     his/her work is posted to the net, in this case this is not possible 
     because the original author cannot be located. As the material is 
     deemed to be important to understanding EVA, and it is not advisable 
     to duplicate efforts to translate them again, I think it is to the 
     general interest of this EVA-ML to let it be read. Following the 
     general practice of "translation policy", no modification is done to 
     the translation, not even the obvious typos errors. As for copying
     the material to other places, I advise prudence and discretion. 
     I have not done any comparison with the original Japanese text (I 
     don't own the book myself), so I have no comment on the accuracy of 
     the translation. Treat it as a disclaimer on my part :-)
     Now here you go:
     ***************** The Original Plots of Evangelion *****************
     ================== From "100% Newtype Collection ===================
Episode 1: People's reunion: The story begins with a two-car train moving 
through the montain terrain of Hakone, headed for the city of Tokyo-3. On 
board is the main character, Shinji Ikari. He has been summoned by his 
father to come to Tokyo-3. Suddenly the trains stops. Through the 
mountains and trees can be heard the sound of emergency sirens. Two
giant figures appear, before Shinji's eyes and begin a raging battle. 
Misato Katsuragi appears and saves Shinji. The battle is between the 
robotic giant "Evangelion" unit-00 and the metalic "Angel" Rajiel. The 
unit-00 defeates the Angel, but not without heavy damage. The Angel 
disappears into a lake and the damages unit-00 is taken back to whence it 
came. Shinji, under the guid of Misato, is taken to underground 
"artificial evolution" laboratory where he meets Ritsuko and Rei, and, for 
the first time in years, sees his father. Shinji confronts the
Evangelion unit-01. He learns that he has been chosen to pilot it. The 
Angel, Rajiel, appears once again. The unit-01 is prepared for battle, and 
Shinji, clueless of what is going on, takes his seat in the piloting chair 
under the orders of his father and the other grownups. The unit-01, though 
unable to even walk straight, is sent to fight. In the dark of the night, 
in the fortess city of Tokyo-3, the two giants clash and the people who 
created the "Eva" see the true power of their own creation and are awed.
Episode 2: Unrecognizable ceilings: During battle, the Eva unit-01 goes 
out of control and shows unpredicted strength. Shinji's will defeated the 
Angel. After battle, the civilians' reaction to the Evas and Angels is 
shown. For Shinji, it is the begining of a new life in an unknown land 
filled with unknown people. The reoccuring fear from the battle. Misato 
and Shinji's interaction.
Episode 3: The first telephone call: Shinji's new school. His first 
friends there. A heavy battle in Tokyo-3.
Episode 4: 14 years, the first day: Shinji's birthday. But his father 
holds no words of congradulation for Shinji. Misato's decision for Shinji. 
A drama story of the people of "Nerv."
Episode 5: Rei, beyond the heart: Interaction between Rei and Shinji. The 
fearsome power shown by an Angel. The Eva's defeat. The laboratory's 
oncoming peril.
Episode 6: Deciding battle in Tokyo-3: A battle between human wit and the 
Angel. The Eva's revenge. Shinji begins to understand the people of Nerv.
Episode 7: A man-made thing: A new man-made humanoid battle machine 
besides the Evas. What happens during its test run. A different side of 
Nerv is shown.
Episode 8: Asuka's morning arrival: Asuka, Eva unit-02, and Kaji's 
arrival. Battle ships vs. a giant robot. A battle held on the deck of an 
aircraft carrier.
Episode 9: A split second, hearts overlap: The Eva's first beside-water 
battle. Shinji and Asuka's interaction. A double battle with 2 Evas.
Episode 10: In the still darkness: An inoperative laboratory. The sadness 
of modern civilization deprived of electricity. A time suspense story.
Episode 11: Magma diver: For the first time, Nerv strikes first against an 
Angel. An Eva is sent into a volcano, specially equipped to capture the 
Angel. Battle in the magma.
Episode 12: An 18 second miracle: A highly explosive, unstoppable Angel 
decends towards Tokyo-3 Absolute peril. Misato's high-risk plan.
Episode 13: What comes after fear: The great defeat Shinji had expected to 
come. The breakdown of the Eva unit-01. Shinji gets trapped inside.
Episode 14: An illness that leads to death, and: A rescue from the damaged 
unit-01. A drama of people. Shinji learns true fear and hopelessness.
Episode 15: Shinji, once again: After his recovery, Shinji's decision to 
ride the Eva unit-01 once again. The Eva unit-01 is given an overhaul 
remake job.
Episode 16: In the heart of the enemy: Shinji is taken into and Angel and 
for the first time, communication is made. Part of the Angels' objective 
is brought to light.
Episode 17: Asuka's 1st date: Asuka goes to an amusement park for the 
first time.  Misato's past. A romance comedy.
Episode 18: the choice of life: Shinji fights the Angel-controlled Eva 
unit-03 piloted by his friend. The choice Shinji makes.
Episode 19: A man's battle: Asuka is heavily wounded protecting Shinji. 
Shinji tries to prove himself to her. The Evas' first aerial battle. 
Kaji's death.
Episode 20: Nerv's birth: The Eva unit-05 is sent to Nerv from Germany. A 
story of what happened 15 years ago: The evaporation of the Dead sea, the 
creation of Nerv and the Evas. A story of Shinji's father.
Episode 21: At least, like a human: An underwater battle around a sunken 
ship. Shinji recieves a mental attack by n Angel. A story of Shinji's 
Episode 22: The cat and the transfer student: The first humanoid Angel 
(child with a pet cat) Nerv's accidental allowing of the Angel's entry 
into the laboratory. Shinji's delima of fighting a humanoid Angel. The 
laboratory's greatest secret is shown.
Episode 23: The Human Completion Program: The truth behind the Evas and 
the Human Completion Program. Ritsuko and Shinji's father's plot is 
Episode 24: The promised time, now: Rei is defeated. Her secret is 
revealed. The most powerful, 12th Angel awakens, at last, and decends to 
Earth from the Moon. The Americas, along with the Eva unit-06 is erased 
from the surface of the Earth. Humanity learns futility against the 
Angel's absolute power. The promised time, when humanity will return to 
nothing, approaches. A human drama of hopelessness.
Episode 25: Aluka, the promised land: The laboratory seeks the ancient 
ruin, and key to everyting: "Aluka." The UN decides to abandon the Human 
Completion Program and focus on the destruction of the 12th Angel. 
Shinji's father opposes the idea. Shinji and the others stay in the 
laboratory for Rei. A human dram of people's conflict over differing 
Final Episode: The only way: The ending. The laboratory's destruction and 
completion to all the secrets and dramas. Finale.

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