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Sat May 2 17:05:20 EDT 1998

Robert Fahey <robertf at iol.ie> writes:
>I heard gunshots - I opened the door, but it was only LdSephiros
><LdSephiros at aol.com>. Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
>>I found a really cool MP3 of Cruel Angel Thesis.  It has Asuka, Rei,
>>and one small part with Ritsuko.  It's in Japanese (of course) so It'll
be the
>>Japanese voice actors, or should I say actresses.
>Off the addition CD, I believe... And about the only one who can sing is
>Megumi H! 

<eye twitch>

What was that again?

>I'm almost certain that Shinji's voice actor has a few lines
>in there as well... 

The only seiyuu that are in that song are the ones for Misato, Rei, and
Asuka.  If there are any other seiyuu in that song, it would have been
during the choral part (and I really doubt that).

Ogata Megumi (Shinji's seiyuu) did sing in Tentou Mushi no SANBA along
with Iwao Junko (Hikari), Miyamura Yuko (I think, don't have the CD with
me right now), and I think Maya's seiyuu (I don't know the kanji for her
name, I only recognized the 'mi').

>On the topic of voice actors, I came across a few
>interesting things about the Eva ones. Rei's actor, of course, is Megumi
>Hayashibara <sp?> , who played (believe it or not!) Lina Inverse in the
>various Slayers series and movies - quite a different role from Rei, ne?

I'd say the biggest contrast would be Ranma-chan (and that was spelled

>Shinji's actor was Hayama in Kodomo no Ochomo (Child's Toy), which is
>pretty much the same role ^_^

Ogata Megumi played Princess Esmeraude in Rayearth.  Big change O_o
She usually does do the more masculine roles though.

>Toji was played by the same guy who did Van Farnel in Esacflowne.

I need to watch X again, I remember Kamui sounded really wimpy (he was
voiced by Toji's seiyuu, Seki Tomokazu).  Junpei from Elf wo Karu
Mono-tachi is a big contrast from Touji also.

>Misato's voice actress was an unusual choice - an actress who played
>exclusively little-girl roles before, cast as a 35-year old burnout...
>Unusual, but inspired, I guess!

I think part of it had to do with the Usagi reference.  Anyway, Mitsuishi
Kotono had done older roles before Evangelion.  I haven't seen much of
her stuff outside of commercially released and a few fansubs, but her
only really childish voice that I know of is Usagi (well, Chibichibi too
^_^;;;).  Other roles are closer to her real voice (except for Koume

Misato's 29 BTW.


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