[EVA] Hello from a Newbie

Avery Davies puppeteer at earthlink.net
Sun May 3 01:45:56 EDT 1998

Frank Provo wrote:
> Has she met his sister?  <Insert comatose female> "How's my brother?"
> "He's doing okay."  Nerv has all of this craziness planned out pretty
> much-- who says the class rep isn't an operative -- deep cover just in
> case they need to ice some loudmouthed students?

I'm sorry, but I just had this vision of Hikari, dressed in a black
trenchcoat, wearing sunglasses, carrying a silenced automatic.

Hey, now we know who killed Kaji ^_^

"Hi. You're late... OH, it's you, Asuka's friend. Well, she not with me
today, um..."
"My codename is Hikari"
"Well, Hikari, I've got important business to attend to..."

Avery Davies

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