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Sun May 3 21:50:48 EDT 1998

George Chen wrote:


> >Let's see if I remember it correctly: are they a couple of CDs from a
> >live performance by the Orchestra you mention here, and the 
> > Evangelion major characters' Seyuu?

> Yes, I am talking about the live performance with the VAs but not the
> Classical CDs being repackaged with Evangelion labels.

Uh, 'Classical CDs repackaged with Evangelion labels'? Which CDs are
you talking about?
I thought that Symphonic CD cover was kind of 'abstract' drawings.

> >> The New Japan Philharmonic Orgestra did a great job of
> >> interpreting most of the memorable Eva BGMs...plus Symphony No.
> 9...plus
> >> the RAP version of Pachelbel's Canon!
> >
> >0_o!!
> Yep! It is really, really, good. I am not a real RAP fan but I am very
> much impressed by that creative approach toward classical music. Strings
> in the background with RAP.

Mmm. I'm getting interested in this. Gotta search around for it.
<<SNIP: Refrain&Vox CDs infos>> 
Thanks for these infos. 
I must get a 'tour' through the local music shop where I did find the
EVA soundtracks in the first place. Maybe they have some of these,
starting from the Symphonic CD.

> >Uh...actually I think DEATH arrangment of the Canon's a bit longer
> >than the original.The Quartet's performace of the Canon is 4':59''
> >long, and the Orchestral one's it's 5':06'', while the canonical
> >lenght
> >of the canon is about 4':31''
> >That's because they add the cello solo little sequence at the
> >beginning
> >of the Quartet version, and the cembalo solo little sequence in the
> >orcherstral version. I think. ^_^
> Hum...the version on Evangelion Symphonic CD is even longer...since
> there's the RAP part, plus like you said, instrument solo. Again, I have
> to emphasis this again, the RAP version of Canon *is* good. It's not
> your ordinary RAP that kills the spirit of the original piece.

Well, I'm not a RAP lover, but I admit that it could be good as long
as  it's done with taste...^_^;

> >> Again, you gotta check out Evangelion
> >> Symphonic CD! You will love it! ^_^;

> >I hope I will be able to _get_ it here...
> >The EVA OST have been quite hard to find. That is, as long as I've
> >been
> >looking for them, I couldn't find them in any way. And I found them
> >when I wasn't looking for them at all. ^_^;
> Where are you at?

Italian girl living in North Italy. ^_^

> BTW, UCI book store on the Web (www.book.uci.edu) got
> most of the items I mention in this e-mail.

Yep, I imagine so. And has reasonable prices too. But they start not
being far so reasonable considering the shipping and handing
(international) quotes. ^_^;
Thus, I prefer trying to find the CDs in my country.

> <snip>
> >> Um...maybe someone have seen D&R can answer that? I think it is
> >> relatively brilliant that Anno decided to go with classical pieces by
> >> the end of the series due to its' relative "universality". Sort of
> like
> >> using religion themes I suppose.

> >Yes, I agree. And, IMO, music is even more 'universal' than religion,
> >by
> >the way. ^_^


> >Oh, really? ^_^
> >Which instrument do you play?
> I learned piano when I was a child. Now I play synthesizer...midi music
> stuff...mess around on my computer....my main keyboard is a relatively
> new Yamaha CS-1X. 

Oh, cool. ^_^

> >> >( By the way, in which episode does he play his cello ?)

> >> Episode 15 (?). Asuka came back from a blind date and saw Shinji
> >> practice....later we have the Asuka kissing Shinji incident.

> >Aah, yes...a friend told me about this one. The thing shocked me
> >(seriously). It's one of the things I want to see before fully
> >believing it, though. Terrible girl, she is...-_-;;
> Hum...you haven't seen that episode yet?

Ehr...nope. ^_^;;

> When are you at in terms of
> Evangelion?

Ehr....promise you won't laugh...=^_^=;;
I've seen episodes 1 and 2. Seen them at least a dozen times, though. 
Since Genesis 0:1 is the single NGE video tape I have. ^_^;;
And since Genesis 0:3 is going to be released next week (hopefully),
and video-tapes will come out bi-monthly (one cassette every _two_
months), I'll be able to see ep.15 by February 1999. Great, ne? -_-;;
OTOH, the Italian version of EVA video-tapes is extremely accurate,
and with each video tape you get a booklet titled "Evangelion
Encyclopedia" carrying lots of useful infos about the series, and the
episodes. This partially justifies the long times of the Italian
edition, though I'm not actualy jumping of joy at the thought that I
would have to wait more that one year to see the end of Evangelion (at
least, one of the two), if waiting for the Italian edition... ;_;

Oh, by the way, I've read almost all the EVA manga volumes (as Italian
edition does split each volume in two parts and the last issue of it
was n.7), and there is a section per each of the Italian manga issues,
called 'Animanga' where Gualtiero 'Shito' Cannarsi (who's a member of
this ML also) points out major and minor differences between the manga
and the Anime.
> >GREAT Shinji. (guess who's my favourite EVA character...^_^)
> Well, I guess that's one of key thing that Anno wants to show with that
> cello about Shinji--he is like everyone else---capable to be normal.
> Doing things out of the love of it but not "trying to please"--pretty
> much every other things he did in the series.

Yeah. I have been discussing about his concern about being
well-considered in other people's minds, rather than caring more about
his self-confidence with a friend, lately. I think the manga, that is,
Sadamoto in the manga did a very good job in this direction,
expecially in the second volume (my favourite part of EVA manga).

> >By the way, it's said that those who play cello are generally...a bit
> >insane.
> >Well, I agree wholeheartedly. ^_^;
> All I can say is that Cello is much more graceful (in terms of the tone)
> compare with violin...

You're right. ^_^



	" The self who is actually watched by others and
          the self which watches itself.
          IKARI Shinji in your mind.
          IKARI Shinji in KATSURAGI Misato's mind.
          IKARI Shinji in SOHRYU Asuka's mind.
          IKARI Shinji in AYANAMI Rei's mind.
          IKARI Shinji in IKARI Gendou's mind.
          Each IKARI Shinji is different from the others,
          but each of them is a true IKARI Shinji.
          You're afraid of the IKARI Shinji in others' minds "

				[Ikari Shinji to Ikari Shinji]


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