[EVA] Evangelion in Italy (WAS:DEATH CD - The Players)

George Chen george at netobjects.com
Sun May 3 21:39:14 EDT 1998

>> Yes, I am talking about the live performance with the VAs but not the
>> Classical CDs being repackaged with Evangelion labels.
>Uh, 'Classical CDs repackaged with Evangelion labels'? Which CDs are
>you talking about?

The Symphonic CD's cove is bright red with gold type. If you can't read
Japanese just look for the word Bunkamura (which is the name of the hall
which the concert took place). And the dates 1997 7 7 7 8 9 14. The
*other* 'Classical CDs repackaged with Evangelion labels' is the one
with sort of bit-map computer thing in the background which you
described...BTW, Eva Symphony CD is a 2 CD set. So the packaging is CD
jewel box is much bigger.

>I thought that Symphonic CD cover was kind of 'abstract' drawings.

Read above...

>> Yep! It is really, really, good. I am not a real RAP fan but I am
>> much impressed by that creative approach toward classical music.
>> in the background with RAP.
>Mmm. I'm getting interested in this. Gotta search around for it.

Trust me...I mean plus Tokyo-03, Thanatos, etc in symphony style...It's
a good buy. ^_^

><<SNIP: Refrain&Vox CDs infos>> 
>Thanks for these infos. 
>I must get a 'tour' through the local music shop where I did find the
>EVA soundtracks in the first place. Maybe they have some of these,
>starting from the Symphonic CD.

Just curious. How do you find Anime CD in Italy? I know Anime is also
pretty popular in Spain, UK, Germany and France...you are actually the
first Italian Anime fan that I know! Gotta love the Net. Eva fans from
all over the World! ^_^

<snip, again, my plug of the Rap version of cannon>

>Italian girl living in North Italy. ^_^

How's the weather? Is Spring still in the air? Or getting hot now? ^_^

>> BTW, UCI book store on the Web (www.book.uci.edu) got
>> most of the items I mention in this e-mail.
>Yep, I imagine so. And has reasonable prices too. But they start not
>being far so reasonable considering the shipping and handing
>(international) quotes. ^_^;
>Thus, I prefer trying to find the CDs in my country.

Again, curious how to finding Anime things in Europe...


>Ehr....promise you won't laugh...=^_^=;;
>I've seen episodes 1 and 2. Seen them at least a dozen times, though. 
>Since Genesis 0:1 is the single NGE video tape I have. ^_^;;
>And since Genesis 0:3 is going to be released next week (hopefully),
>and video-tapes will come out bi-monthly (one cassette every _two_
>months), I'll be able to see ep.15 by February 1999. Great, ne? -_-;;
>OTOH, the Italian version of EVA video-tapes is extremely accurate,
>and with each video tape you get a booklet titled "Evangelion
>Encyclopedia" carrying lots of useful infos about the series, and the
>episodes. This partially justifies the long times of the Italian
>edition, though I'm not actualy jumping of joy at the thought that I
>would have to wait more that one year to see the end of Evangelion (at
>least, one of the two), if waiting for the Italian edition... ;_;

Um...now do you have anything against the ADV releases? I mean can't you
just get the ADV UK release with English sub? BTW who is releasing Eva
in Italy? I understand you are waiting for the Italian version probably
out of economic reason...but you are truly, majorly, royally, spoiled by
this ML as you know it...Ok, I really should stop teasing you here. ^_* 

BTW, is Italy's TV system NTSC or PAL? Maybe you can get fan sub somehow
or trade with other fans...hum...

>Oh, by the way, I've read almost all the EVA manga volumes (as Italian
>edition does split each volume in two parts and the last issue of it
>was n.7), and there is a section per each of the Italian manga issues,
>called 'Animanga' where Gualtiero 'Shito' Cannarsi (who's a member of
>this ML also) points out major and minor differences between the manga
>and the Anime.

Yeh, I was wondering about that...Heles can't be that knowledgeable
about Eva when she only saw like 2 episodes. ^_^

-george -just got ticket to see Kraftwerk this summer and

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