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J.C. Howell JCHowell at shs.sd60.k12.id.us
Tue May 5 15:08:26 EDT 1998

> >Lillith. As for spoilers, I agree. Spoilers do suck, as it just
> >raised a whole new batch of questions with me when I found out what
> > happens in EOE. However, they did help me find out what happens in
> > the movies, which will probably never come out in the U.S, 
> Hum...just curious why you think EOE will never come to US?
> The only problem with EOE really is the baggages from the TV series.
> One cannot fully enjoys/understand EOE without prior knowledge of
> the series. In that regard, I don't see EOE being distributes by
> major studio can enjoys success like GITS...but hell, Manga might
> still release it on tape/DVD/LD since I believe they have the rights
> to the movie(s). Please correct me if I am wrong here....
> Also, when we get LD/DVD of EOE from Japan we will certain see a
> tone loads of fan-sub of that...for what it's worth...
> -george. would still LOVE to see EOE in movie theater though....

As far as I know, no-one had the rights to release EOE in the U.S. As 
for you need to watch the WHOLE series to get the movie, I would hope 
that they would release D&R here also, but since the only EVA fans 
would want to buy the movie, maybe not, but I still want to see the 
JSDF massecre scene. I wonder if the brutality of it beats the 
brutality of Unit-01 beating the $hit out of Unit-03. IMHO, this is 
so far the most brutal fight in the series. I also have to ask the 
question; After Unit-01 pretty much rips apart Unit-03, why doesen't 
Gendou take off the dummy plug? I doubt crushing the entry plug would 
have any effect on the operation of Unit-03 (Which was destroyed 

Just my opinion,

J.C. Howell

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