[EVA] S2 organ and seele

Gareth Ortiz gao203 at is7.nyu.edu
Wed May 6 03:22:41 EDT 1998

 "david torres" wrote:

>The first branch of nerv was developing an s2 organ and I believe they
>were very close or had already finished making one before the first
>branch vanished.

The prototype S2 was apparently developed and built in Germany.  I would
assume that it was shipped to Nevada for installation into 04.

>also unit 01 eats the 14th angel and absorbs it's S2 organ right, giving
>01 the same "powers" as the angels.

Not "powers," (that sounds like "abilities") "just" infinite activation

>my question is, what is seele's problem with the last event?

Human pilot and human soul.  With the human soul and an S2, they consider
01 to be a "god."  And that "god" is in the hands of a human being who
they do not have complete control over.

>why develop something that you aren't going to use?, unless seele/nerv
>weren't going to equip an eva with it. but what else is there that would
>require the powers of an S2 organ?

They were going to put it in 04, but they were probably going to use a DP
to pilot it.  They put S2s into the MPMs and they felt fine about using
DPs there.



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