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Mendo13 Mendo13 at aol.com
Wed May 6 02:43:21 EDT 1998

>What makes an at field? Is it the core?
>how did Yui die? Why did she want to die?
>What is Seele? sorry but I am new at this please dont be mad
>Is Rei is a clone then how come when there is a new Rei she has a different

This after the excellent advice that Gareth wrote about... I understand that
you are new, and I'm suprised that for once there's actually more than one
question on one of your postings. Please please look and read the ML archives.
Most of these topics have already been discussed. The FAQ and RCB covers just
about everything you would need to know. Don't make the generous acts by the
people that supply and maintain this information go to waste. 

I'd like to thank Stephen Lee and Widya Santoso for providing us with what I
feel is an excellent FAQ. Patrick for providing us with the RCB. Tom for
providing us with this ML. Gareth for providing intelligent and insightful
(not to mention excellent) input on so many areas that arise concerning EVA.
I'm sorry that I made this somewhat off-topic put I felt the "urge" to add my


- a

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