[EVA] Re: (eva)Neon and my obsesion (semi-spoiler if you care too much)

James Thoma shin_shi at hotmail.com
Wed May 6 10:49:26 EDT 1998

Hey Everyone

         It's Rocco's fellow captive in Keel Lorenz's chem. class.
I am going to add to our quest (rocco and I at least) to find out why 
"Neon" is in the tittle. I don't care if it means "new" in greek, I need 
somthing to fill what would otherwise be a completly inert life. I have 
finaly uncoverd the hidden secrets of neon. Plese sit back and take 
pitty on my boreing exsitance. So here it is the reason why Neon is in 
the title.

Add up the following statistics on Neon on your portible Magi 

  10        neon is the tenth element
  40        number of protons, neutrons and electrons
  20.1797   atomic mass
 -248.61    melting point
 -246.05    boiling point
  2081      First Ionization Energy (Kj/mol)
  0.34      Enthalpy of fussion
  1.77      Enthalpy of vaporization
  1.0301    specific heat
  131       atomic radius (pm)
  1.6       Van der Waals radius

 1782.2598 round it 
 1782.3    round it again silly
 1782      split the number in half

17  82
1+7 8+2
8    10
the number of angels is also 18
coincidence? Most likely. I just have way to much time on my hands
for anouther example of waisted time see my ever expanding "you no you 
have watched NGE to much when...." list

Have a Evangelastic day

Athors note* no I can't spell. I know I can't spell and I like it that 
way so don't E-Mail me telling that I spell like a fetal pig. I know.

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