[EVA] Re: (eva)Neon and my obsesion (semi-spoiler if you care too much)

Rocco Agostino flamingpringle at hotmail.com
Wed May 6 11:54:51 EDT 1998

"Jorge Medeira" responded:

>> for anouther example of waisted time see my ever expanding 
>>"you no you have watched NGE to much when...." list
>  Is this list real?? Can i get a copy?? :-)
>  Jorge.

this is the flaming pringle.
guess what, Jorge, the list is >very< real.
and, btw- it is growing as we speak!

i do not have a copy of the list myself, but Jim, is working on it.  in 
fact, the list is a lot larger than the posted one.

i'll see what i can do for you, + i will be sure to make sure that the 
>entire< list is posted.

-flaming pringle


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