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Fabrizio Lunardi wrote:

> Well everyone this is the second part of my fanfic.
> I just hope you'll enjoy it
> again send praise, flames, bombs, suggestions, and so on an my private
> E-Mail at alpha at ats.it
> A note: the story took place before the fight with the 12th Angel
> (Chap.
> 15-16)
> Flames on Tokyo 3
> A Neon Genesis Evangelion and King of Fighters Crossover by Fabrizio
> Lunardi
> Gainax Studio got all right on Evangelion saga and characters while
> SNK got
> the right on the King of Fighters saga and his characters.
> Chapter two: Thoughts (can I have something from my life?)
> Rei menage to reach her home. She enter her room that is, as usual, a
> mess.
> She remove her school uniform, take a shovel and go to bed. But for
> something strange sleep doesn’t come this night. She still feel the
> pain of
> the blows that were give her sometime ago, but this is nothing
> compared to
> other time, the problem is another.
> Rei’s mind is travel by thoughts, something that’s she is not used to
> and,
> more, that’s she doesn’t know how to handle.
> She think of her day: she went to school in the morning as usual,
> after
> school finished she went home, take something to eat and went to NERV
> HQ
> where she attended her everyday sync. tests among with the two others
> pilots. She got a little speck with commander Ikari during Asuka Sync.
> tests and that was something that pleased her. She, also, noticed that
> during her conversation with commander Ikari, Shinji was staring at
> the two
> with a strange look in his eyes but she doesn’t know why. After
> Asuka’s and
> Shinji’s tests it was her turn. Before she boarded her EVA she noticed
> that
> the second children was very angry to Shinji because His Sync. tests
> were
> better than her, but why she was so angry?
> Than her tests begun and something went wrong with unit-00, nothing
> strange
> since it is the most unstable of the three Evangelion. Her tests were
> aborted and resumed only an hour later. Meanwhile Shinji and Asuka
> were
> already went home. She finished her tests as scheduled and then she
> take
> her results and went home as well.
> She noticed that it was raining, but she didn’t care, she took her way
> to
> her home when her day changed. She met six men she didn’t know and one
> of
> them asked if she wanted to come with them to have fun. She simply
> answered
> no and continued her way when one of them punched her form behind
> sending
> her on the ground. Then the men started to throw insults to her and
> one of
> them, also kicked her twice in the stomach. She didn’t know what to
> do: she
> could not escaped or defended herself, so she decided that she could
> only
> awaited her fate whatever it was.
> At this point she met those strange man. First he defeated her
> aggressors
> with little effort. She also remember of saw him sending something
> similar
> to flames to one of the men but she doesn’t know how.
> After the remain were fled he helped her feet and then asked her about
> her
> conditions.
> When he placed an hand around her arm she was freeze by a wave
> sensations.
> They were something enjoyable, yet strange to her mind and to her
> body. It
> took her some moments before she was able to speck and thanks him for
> the
> help. She then took her live, but after she made a short way she heard
> his
> voice calling, this time asking her name.
> She, again, was freeze; the same sensations stroke her again. But she
> was
> somehow happy he was asking her name.
> A very simple thing had made her happy, but why? And what were those
> sensations she experimented before?
> Emotions? She know the concept, but
 she had never experienced
> emotions in
> her life
 or perhaps she can’t
 she can’t recognize them
 she can’t
> use
> them and cause her to feel so
 so strange. Shinji, sometime, had tried
> to
> help her in this way, he tried to explain her the value of feeling and
> so
> on, but she was not able to catch it, also if she was fascinated by
> it. She
> need to speck to Shinji, she need his help and decide to do this
> tomorrow.
> Her thoughts now shift to the man who saved her life. Only two others
> persons had done this for her, Commander Ikari and his son and fellow
> pilot
> Shinji. She both place them in high respect, they are, also, the only
> two
> persons that care for her. She is ready to give her life for both of
> them

> her life something that she doesn’t own.
> She and Shinji are part of the same team and battle after battle they
> put
> their life in the hands of each other.
> Commander Ikari, she somehow know that he need her in some way, and
> she’ll
> be ready do to every thing for him, to help him without question. But
> why
> man she never meet had risked his life for her own? He care for her?
> This
> can’t be. They don’t have nothing in common, like she have with
> commander
> Ikari or Shinji, then why?
> She try to remember this man. She forgot to ask his name. He was the
> biggest persons she had met. She recalled his eyes and the way the
> gazed to
> her
 she doesn’t recall commander Ikari’s eyes watching her this way,
> even
> when she saved her life and asked if she was alright. She recall that
> his
> eyes got anthor expression that she know far too well, because every
> time
> she watch her reflection in a mirror she see the same expression in
> her
> eyes: resign.
> She is resign to her poor life, to begin used like a tool, to have no
> friend, to be different to the others, to the others girls, to be
> consider
> expendable if necessary. She wonder why those man had the same gaze
> she
> has. Perhaps they have something in common after all, something the
> may
> share. She wonder if she’ll be able to meet him again, she’ll enjoy
> having
> an opportunity to talk to him. She
. She end up asleep overcome by a
> train
> of thoughts that she is not ready to control.
> In the same moments, not far away, another person is going across a
> river
> of thoughts.
> Iori is making a belance of his life.
> He is 22 years old now, and in those 22 years what he got? Nothing
> He is running a very empty life. He has power, riches, every
> possessions he
> may desire. He mastered the ancient fighting style knows as Magatama,
> who
> give him the power to fights demons on equal ground. But he miss every
> thing a people need: love and friends. He never knows his mother: she
> died
> in giving birth to Iori. His father was a bastard who used Iori to
> archive
> his desire of revenge on the Kusanagi, filled his heart with hate
> hate,
> hate, HATE the only thing Iori had knew during his life. He was not
> permitted to had friends when he was a kid, and he grow up whit a big
> empty
> in his heart an empty that he try to fill with his hate for Kyo. Kyo
> Kusanagi, the man he hate the most, the only man he know who is able
> to
> defeat him. But why he hate Kyo? Their families are enemy form
> centuries
> and he barely remember the story behind them and he doesn’t care
> nothing of
> it. He, also, doesn’t matter who is best fighter, who is the best in
> using
> the flames of the Magatama. He hate Kyo because they share the same
> fate,
> the fate of the Kusanagi and the Yagami, the fate of fighting each
> other,
> the fate of fighting the power of Orochi; but Kyo menage to had a
> normal
> life: he got many friends, love, he is able to every thing he want, to
> enjoy his life. Iori would gladly accept to had a little part of his
> life.
> Iori would die if he could has the life of Kyo, a normal life, for
> only a
> week.
> He and Kyo, both share a common fate, both the same age, but Kyo is
> starting to living while Iori is already death.
> Then he met this strange girl this evening, Rei Ayanami. He is alone
> in
> the future but for the first time he found something to live,
> something to
> fight. He never feel himself so determinate. After he saw the eyes of
> Rei
> he swear that he’ll bring life in those eyes no matter the cost. He
> doesn’t
> know how to accomplish this but he’ll do it.
> “At least my life would not be a waste”
> “And, perhaps, I’ll found a friend
> Iori decide to take a look where Rei live. He saw her going toward one
> of
> the gigantic structure and he go in the same direction. Iori spend
> some
> time searching for Rei’s room but he finally get it
> “Ayanami 402”
> “I want to know who is taking care of her”
> “She said she got no parents”
> “Well tomorrow I’ll check what she is doing during the day”
> “It is strange a kid her age is going home so late
> “If I’ll found that someone is using her for, 
. for  something
> I’ll”
> Suddenly Iori’s sight turned red, his mouth covered with blood
> blood.
> “No
. it cannot be
. it cannot happen NOW!”
> “This is the

. the riot of blood!” “The curse of my Orochi blood
> of my
> Orochi’s flames”
> “I need to calm down
 I need some rest, yes some rest”
> “I have to found a place to live”
> “I just hope I’ll not lose control
. when I’ll be near Rei”
> “It will be hard enough to try to speck to her and to explain her of
> the
> flames”
> Iori take his live and go in search of an hotel where to take a room,
> so he
> returned toward the center of the city.
> He take a room in the first hotel he spot and goes to sleep without
> removing his cloths.
> Before, he set the alarm clock to 5.30 AM. He want to be sure not to
> miss
> Rei when she’ll leave tomorrow morning.
> Then the stress of the day was to much even for Iori and the fall
> asleep
> and for once he make a good dream.
> Meanwhile in another place of the city, another person is just arrived
> for
> the past
> Kyo feel a little confused for the “travel” but he conclude the he is
> still
> in one piece.
> “So this thing really works after all” He look with a puzzled
> expression to
> the black orb ad it’s mystical runes
> He take a quick look of his surrounding.
> “Mankind made a lot of progress in a mere 20 years”
> “Now, I wonder where I’m. This is Osaka of 2015??? I guess I’ll have
> the
> time to found it out”
> “First I need to found the people that Kagura had already send here,
> also
> if I have the bed feeling that I know this people and if my feeling is
> right I’ll be in deep shit if we’ll meet”
> “God! Where I’ll live”
> “It will take time only to figure out what’s going here, and I have to
> found a room, but I have no money with me!”
> “Hell who would had predicted what happened???”
> “When I went to Kagura I didn’t planned a tour of 2015”
> While thinking, Kyo put an hand in a pocket of his black jacket to
> found
> something: a envelope
> He took the envelope and open it
> “What!!!!”
> The envelope is filled with cash, and there is a short message inside.
> “Dear Kyo I hope this money should cover the expense of your stay in
> this
> place.”
> “Take care of yourself. C. Kagura”
> Kyo has never see so many money in a time. He and his team won the
> king of
> fighters tournaments for two years in a row but they always give the
> prize
> in beneficence.
> “Well I just hope they still use Yen!”
> Kyo, then, go in search of a room when he start to notice that
> something
> is wrong
> “Wait a minute
. I just midnight and this city is a desert, what is
> going on?”
> “This is a ghost city or what??”
> “I’m walking by half an hour (Kyo is not the fastest brain in the
> universe
) and I don’t meet anybody”
> Kyo is taken in his thoughts that he doesn’t notice that he is about
> to
> make an encounter and not a good one.
> Kyo doesn’t notice that he is walking in the middle of the street. He
> is
> too take in his thoughts and in his contemplation of the futuristic
> city.
> A car, a blue sport car is going a top speed right in front of him.
> Inside the car Major Misato Katsuragi is fight a terrible battle with
> the
> lack of sleep. This is the third consecutive night that she is forced
> to
> works till later. She is going to lost her battle. She only want to go
> to
> sleep and wake up tomorrow morning near 12:00. She just hope Shinji
> and
> Asuka had got a pacific cohabitation during her long absences; she,
> also,
> hope that Asuka, begin Asuka, was not using poor Shinji as her little
> works
> slave. (In her deep thoughts she, also, hope the two of them are not
> made
> nothing to rash
> She doesn’t notice the boy since he is too close to her
> “SHIT! SHIT!” She hits the brake with all her strength hopping the car
> would stop before it hits the poor boy
> Kyo suddenly notice a pair of lights right in his eyes and the sound
> of a
> car lunched at great speed
. then he hear the sound of the brake
> trying to
> spot the car before
. Before it’ll  hits HIM!
> Kyo’s brain decide to back on line and he see the danger
 a car is
> going
> toward him like a bullet
 the driver must have lost control of the car
> after braking.
> A normal man would had die here without a chance to avoid the danger.
> But
> Kyo is not a normal man

> He take a great jump, and so he go over the incoming car
 but he take
> to
> much dash and he is not able to make a safe fall.
> “Dam!” Kyo hits the ground beating his head in the process. His vision
> turned black and he faint
> Misato could not believe to her eyes! That’s boy
 he menage to jump
> the
> whole car! How it could be possible???
> After the car has stop Misato rush to check the boy she had almost
> killed
> and found him some meters away form her car lying on the ground

> She take a rapid check of his living functions:
> “The breathing is regular”
> “His pulse is ok”
> “He must had hits his head but there are no cut, no injuries”
> “He’ll be fine”
> “How
 how can I be so stupid
 I nearly killed a person because I was
> going
> like a crazy while I was half asleep
> “Ritsuko is right
 I don’t make nothing right” “I’m only a stupid
> drunken
> woman
” “I should be home, checking for those little kid, and I’m
> here
> and now what can I do???”
> “I don’t think this boy is in need of medic assistance
 and I don’t
> have
> any idea where he live”
> “Well for tonight I’ll bring him home with me” “After all this is the
> less
> I can do after I nearly killed him”
> Misato close to the boy ready to take him in her car.
> “Wow! I never met I boy so handsome” “Misato what are you thinking?
> He’ll
> be at least 7 or 8 years younger than me”
> She try to lift the boy from the ground but

> “Shit! He’s too heavy for me” “He doesn’t only has a cute face he also
> has
> the body of a super athlete
 yet how he menage to made those jump?”
> “Well Misato you have to do it, no one at this hour is going to help
> you”
> After a terrible effort Misato finally menage to put Kyo in her car.
> “He is still out, he must got a nice blow” “Now let’s go home before I
> menage to hits someone else”
> With this worlds Misato resume her way home (this time at a
> considerable
> less speed).
> End of part 2.
> Well this was a reflexive chapter, the next will get action as well as
> space for the others characters (Shinji and Asuka in particular)


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