[EVA] What is MAGI's OS? (one liner) (WAS:ADV second Evangeli on LD)

Julian Hsiao ayukawa at ix.netcom.com
Wed May 6 21:07:56 EDT 1998

Jason Long (Exchange) wrote:
> From the actually screen shots of various scene in the TV series, EOE
> (got some GREAT screen shots of the UI). I think MAGI should be some
> version of UNIX based X-windowing system since you don't really see
> folders and recycle bin/trash can on screen all the time.

I agree, since the programmers seems to be writing in C.  Funny, though, they
judge how well a person can program by how fast they can type (As shown in the
13th episode).

Julian Hsiao
ayukawa at ix.netcom.com

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