[EVA] [Spiolers] some Q's about Rei

Gareth Ortiz gao203 at is7.nyu.edu
Thu May 7 02:01:29 EDT 1998

 "Kaoru Nagisa" Wrote:

>Hmmm...is there proof?? or maybe some way to make it clear?? of Rei's
>soul from LILITH i mean..

Yep.  Ep. 25, EOE and the RCB.  Gendou apparently somehow "derived" a
"false" soul for Rei from Lillith's.

>Has the process of cloning been around THAT long so that we kan be sure??

A quick note: RL cloning and cloning in Eva have next to nothing to do 
with one another.  (Eva cloning is very much sci-fi style.)

Now, IRL cloning is simply taking advantage of a natural process that
already exists.  So you know what a clone is?  A person who has the exact
same genetic structure as the donor of the genetic material.  Do you know
what we call someone who has the same genetic structure as another person?
An identical twin.  That's all a clone is.  So what's the difference?
Time.  Identical twins are born at the same time.  A clone is an identical
twin that can be born at a separate point in time.  Same genes, but not 
the same life experiences.  That stuff isn't coded into your genetic 
structure.  Thus, in the same way that all identical twins don't grow to 
be or even actually look exactly alike, neither will a clone.  A clone is
a seperate person.  A clone is, for all practical points and purposes, the
sibling of the donor.  (after all, same genetic structure means genes from
the same two parents)



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